From its beginning the community has been inspired by two aims: to live in communion with God through prayer and to be a leaven of peace and trust in the midst of the human family.

A stay at Taizé is an opportunity to seek communion with God in prayer, singing, silence and reflection. It can be possible to rediscover an inner peace, a meaning to life and a new impetus.

Experiencing a simple life shared with others reminds us that daily life is the place where Christ is waiting for us.

Some young people are looking for ways of following Christ with their whole lives. A stay in Taizé can help discern this call.

It is difficult to convey in words the life and atmosphere of the youth meetings in Taizé. Please see the Photos and other multimedia articles to get a better feel for this.

- Each day, brothers of the community or a sister of St. Andrew introduce a Bible reflection, followed by a time of silence and sharing in small groups.

- In the afternoon, workshops help to deepen the relationship between faith and life in the areas of work, social questions, art and culture, the search for world peace....

- Young adults who wish can spend the week or the weekend in silence, to take time to listen to how God speaks to them in prayer, in the Bible or through the events of their life.

A typical day at Taizé

From Monday to Friday

8.15 am Morning prayer, then breakfast
10 am Introduction to the day with a brother of the community followed by quiet reflection or small group discussion
12.20 pm Midday prayer, then lunch
2 pm Optional song-practice
During the afternoon: international small groups or practical work
5.15 pm Tea/snack
5.45 pm Theme workshops (from Tuesday onwards)
7 pm Supper
8.20 pm Evening prayer, then vigil with songs in the church, followed by night silence

Friday evening prayer is followed by prayer around the Cross.

3.15 pm Theme workshops
8.20 pm Evening prayer with candles to celebrate the paschal mystery

8.45 am Breakfast
10 am Eucharist
1 pm Lunch
7 pm Supper
8.20 pm Evening prayer

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