Financial contribution

The meetings receive no external subsidy, but depend on participants’ contributions and on contributions made to a solidarity fund by those who are able to do so.

What you give for your stay covers meals, accommodation and other expenses of the meetings. The suggested level of contribution takes into account participants’ country of origin. Within the range given, each person chooses what contribution to make.

If you need a receipt, please ask for one when you are welcomed on the day you arrive. We cannot make out receipts afterwards.

For this year’s suggested contributions, please see Financial contributions 2024

Calculating contributions

Contributions are calculated based on meals rather than nights: supper + lunch = 1 day. Add up the number of meals (counting just lunch and supper) and divide by two to obtain the number of days. Please note that there is a minimum contribution of 1 full day if you are staying overnight.

- If you arrive on Sunday morning, stay through until the following Sunday afternoon, that is 15 meals: a 7½ day stay. If you take 13 meals, it is 6½ days; 14 meals is 7 days, etc.

- If you wish to take a packed meal for the journey at the end of your stay, also add the contribution for this.

How should we give our contribution towards the costs?

While cash contributions are possible, if you are bringing a group try if possible to avoid this way of contributing.

If you are bringing a group of young adults, please make the contribution for the whole group together if at all possible, whichever means you are using. Asking group members to make their contribution individually will mean waiting for longer when you arrive!

It is possible to make your contribution online in advance using a credit card. If you wish to do this and do not see this option on your registration form, please ask us to make the option visible: meetings

It is also possible to use a card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Eurocard) to give your contribution when you arrive at Taizé.
Note: if you are using the card to give the contribution for a larger group, make sure in advance that the card is authorised for the required amount.

Contributions can also be made with cheques payable in France (Euros). Please avoid using any other kind of cheque, especially cheques in non-Euro currencies, unless you have our prior agreement.

For further details, if you want to make a bank transfer before coming or if you have questions about any of the above mentioned means of contributing, please write to meetings putting “contribution towards costs of stay” in the subject line of your message.

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