Short writings from Taizé

22. Voices from the Beginning

At Christmas time, Christians celebrate the manifestation of God in the birth of Jesus. God chooses what seems most insignificant in order to come into the world, to awaken the best in us, and to bring us to life in the most intimate part of our being by releasing compassion and the gift of self.

The texts of the Gospels show us a handful of believers of Israel around Mary and Joseph – Zechariah, Elizabeth, Simeon, Anna, and the shepherds….

Listening to these voices from the beginning might help us to find the paradoxical ways through which God comes to us today.

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Short writings from Taizé

These short texts from Taizé, written by some of the brothers, wish to offer an approach to the fundamental wellsprings of the faith. Inspired by the experience of the young adult meetings that take place around the community year after year, they examine questions that are vital for Christians today.

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