An afternoon of solidarity in the region of Taizé

On the occasion of the centenary of Brother Roger’s birth, the community looked for something to do with the neighbours around Taizé. The idea came up of meeting beside a small lake a few kilometers from Taizé for an afternoon with children and their parents.
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The program: a shared meal at the lake, discovering the "dream cabins" filled with musical instruments, wooden toys and hidden treasures, then a circus performance with horses and the trapeze artist of the Equinoctis company.

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At the end, a snack was offered to everybody, livened up with games of soccer, skittles, stilts and music. To make it possible for low-income families to take part, everything was free, financed by gifts and the support of Taizé’s solidarity fund, Operation Hope.

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What a beautiful atmosphere! Backgrounds and languages were mixed: a gypsy family originally from Serbia tried to talk to some of the eight Ukrainian children on holiday in Taizé for three weeks. Christians and Muslims speaking Arabic discovered one another. Armenians spoke in Russian with the Ukrainians; children of families from the area discovered the diversity of languages.

The lake was calm, the atmosphere serene, laughter and music rose towards a cloudless sky. Every person has within them a desire for peace – that afternoon without walls was an undeniable proof of this.

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Photos : Christian Hanser & Taizé

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