Garden of Solidarity in Taizé

In recent years, the international meetings in Taizé and elsewhere have sought to deepen the search for new forms of solidarity in society today. Our attention to Creation is one aspect of this. As Brother Alois wrote to the young people in one of his recent proposals, “The earth belongs to God; human beings receive it as a gift. We are entrusted with an immense responsibility: to take care of the planet, not to waste its resources. The earth is limited, and human beings too need to consent to their limits.”

One fruit of this reflexion – very humble but concrete – has been the creation of a “garden of solidarity” in Taizé.

Young people, working with a brother, take turns, week after week, working in the garden. The vegetables which are harvested are given to local community associations, which distribute them in the towns and villages around Taizé.

Printed from: - 14 April 2021
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