Easter in Taizé

Celebrating the Resurrection in the hope of a better world

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Palm Sunday: A pilgrimage to the source

Holy Week began in Taizé with the now traditional rendez-vous, in the morning of Palm Sunday, at Saint Stephen’s spring.

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Tuesday: In communion with today’s sufferings, in Brussels and elsewhere

The terrible news coming from Belgium about the deadly attacks at the heart of the European city, reached the hill at the start of Holy Week. Brother Alois prayed for the victims of all the acts of terrorist violence in the world:

God of compassion, you are at the side of all who undergo the cruelty of human violence. We entrust to you the victims of this morning’s attacks in Brussels, and their families. Faced with the incomprehensible sufferings of the innocent across the world, we believe that the words of Jesus, words of love and hope, will never pass away. So we implore: grant peace, may your kingdom come.

After the attacks in Brussels, Brother Alois said the following prayer for the victims:“God of compassion, you remain...

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Holy Thursday: The memory of Christ’s Last Supper

One important moment in Holy Week is the feet-washing, a symbolic re-enactment of the gesture of Jesus from John 13. At the beginning of the Eucharist, the brothers, helped by some of the volunteers, washed the feet of all who wished. At the end of the celebration, Eucharistic Reserve was transferred to a chapel until Sunday morning. The Passion of Christ and waiting for the joy of Easter mark the two following days.

Part of the evening prayer can be heard through a podcast on line [http://www.taize.fr/IMG/mp3/taize_podcast_2016_03_24_thursday.mp3].

Good Friday: For our sakes Christ remained faithful even unto death

Today, a bell was rung at 3 pm, the time when the gospels say that Jesus died. A reflective silence fell all over the hill, from one end to the other. The welcome of the many young people arriving during the afternoon was also interrupted for a few minutes.

During the evening prayer, a number of very moving responses, the litany of the “Reproaches” and a song that had not been used for many years, « Memento Nostri Domine », were sung by all while Brother Alois and the younger brothers carried the cross in procession through the church.

Part of the evening prayer can be heard through a podcast on line [http://www.taize.fr/IMG/mp3/taize_podcast_2016_03_25_friday.mp3].

Among the intentions of prayer, the peoples of Syria and China were mentioned,as well as the names of Christians persecuted for their faith. Finally, the prayer around the cross continued all night long, until dawn.

Tonight, for Good Friday, the prayer started by a short prayer read in twelve languages: “God of love, look upon your...

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Holy Saturday: A time of waiting

Today, the brothers and the many people who had arrived in Taizé for the Easter week-end were, like so many Christians around the world, waiting for the joy of Easter. In Taizé, the evening prayer on the Saturday evening is not the Paschal Vigil. Still, a joyful foretaste of Easter was given by the entry into the Community of a young Frenchman.

After the evening prayer, brother Alois gave a meditation the text of which is published on line.

Part of the evening prayer can be heard through a podcast on line [http://www.taize.fr/IMG/mp3/taize_podcast_2016_03_26_saturday.mp3].

Easter Day: The joy of the resurrection

On Sunday morning, a great crowd came surging into the church. As on the two previous evenings, the brothers gathered around the altar, to begin the celebration with the sign of the light of Easter. Then, the first « Alleluia » and « Lumen Christi » were sung by everyone. Several readings followed, as well as the singing of the Exultet and a new song accompanied in a novel manner by a huge gong, filled the atmosphere with joy.

Brother Alois pronounced the following prayer:

Christ Jesus, in your life hatred and death did not have the last word. You are risen. Even though invisible to our eyes, you are present for every human being. Your Holy Spirit brings to birth in us the courage of mercy for those who are nearby as well as for those who are far away. In a world where we are often disconcerted by violence, you enable us to hope against all hope.

This prayer is available in many languages through the following link:

PDF - 226.9 kb

Parts of the Eucharist can be heard through a podcast on line [http://www.taize.fr/IMG/mp3/taize_podcast_2016_03_27_sunday.mp3].

At the ed of the Eucharist, recalling the women who in the gospels were the first to announce the resurrection, the sisters living in Taizé and Ameugny spoke the paschal salutation in more than twenty languages. For the first time, the paschal salutation was also signed. Some young people have made a short film of the paschal salutation, available through the link below.

Easter Greeting [https://www.facebook.com/taize.fr/videos/610805685733082/]

People from all over the world, at Taizé for Easter, say the greeting "Christ is risen!" in their languages. A film by Ruth Martinez, edited by Joana Duarte.

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Matas, a young adult from Lithuania, wrote:
Coming to Taizé for the first time for Holy Week, I wanted to meet young people from different countries of the world, who had decided to leave their family traditions and their ordinary lives to come to Taizé and experience the biggest celebrations of the year. As Jesus asked his disciples, "Stay with me, watch and pray" (Mt 26,38). It was very important for me to understand that we were one, one community in Christ, sharing about very personal topics like faith, trust, prayer, resurrection. That’s what I felt in the sharing group after the biblical reflection.

In the morning, I worked as animator with the children at Olinda. I observed how they see Jesus Christ, how they understand his passion. We had a very profound moment during a group prayer, when all the children and the volunteers remained in silence for several minutes. Finally, I will never forget that feeling of joy during the Eucharist of Easter morning. The church was full of happiness, full of joy, full of the risen Christ in every heart.

The Easter celebration can be heard as a podcast on the site of Domradio [http://www.domradio.de/audio/lichterfeier-aus-taize-167].

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