Visit of Patriarch Bartholomew to Taizé

Key Moments in Photos

Tuesday April 25, the community received an exceptional visit: His Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople spent half a day at Taizé. Here are some photos of the key moments of this visit.

Taizé brothers outside the church awaiting the arrival of the Patriarch


Upon his arrival, Patriarch Bartholomew is welcomed by Brother Alois and some children

At the beginning of the common prayer, Brother Alois speaks to Patriarch Bartholomew

At the end of the common prayer, His Holiness speaks to the brothers and to the one thousand visitors present, before blessing two icons

After going to the Orthodox chapel where he greeted the young Orthodox present, Patriarch Bartholomew went to the brothers’ house

The Orthodox delegation prayed at the tomb of Brother Roger then in the village church


Meal with the community together with local Church leaders, including the Bishop of Autun, Benoit Rivière


[1Photo: Wiesia Klemens, sur toute la page sauf mention contraire

[2Photo: Taizé

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