Security and safeguarding

In 2010, this page was published to give some reminders and reference-points concerning the security and safeguarding of persons. It is important for everyone to be aware of this before coming to Taizé. In addition, for years now, when they are welcomed, all the participants in the meetings have been receiving a program with practical information, that includes the essential aspects of what is explained below about safeguarding.

For many people, Taizé is a place of trust. Everyone needs to be vigilant to make Taizé a safe place for those who come. The community counts especially on the responsibility and watchfulness of group leaders.


As part of the security measures taken in France, places of large gatherings are particularly protected by the authorities.

For security reasons, all baggage should be labeled and never left unattended. We ask everyone not to bring handbags or backpacks into the church. A team of young people at the doors ensure that these instructions are complied with.

Please do not go walking alone on isolated paths outside Taizé.


If you become aware of any sexual abuse or any kind of violence, especially towards a minor, or any other suspicious behavior, please speak about it immediately with the brother responsible for safeguarding in Taizé, who can be reached in La Morada, or with another person whom you trust: a group leader, or one of the sisters who help the brothers in welcoming young people, or those in charge of the first aid point, available day or night in El Abiodh.

Anything that happens, whether recently or not, can be communicated to the brothers by writing to protection The messages sent to this address are received by two brothers, a sister of Saint Andrew and a person exterior to the community. If you wish to convey something and feel that you need to know the names of those receiving the message sent to this special address, you can write an initial message to ask that.

You can also contact a hotline number in your own country. In the English-speaking world, there are many such numbers, for example
- in the UK +44 800 1111, the Childline service of the NSPCC []
- in Ireland, you can contact the Children First Advice Officers at TUSLA [] Child and Family agency .
- In Australia, call 1800 737 732 to get in touch with 1800 Respect or visit [].
- in the US and Canada, call 1-800-422-4453 to reach the ChildHelp hotline or visit

Please alert us in La Morada as soon as possible if you see any use of drugs or excessive consumption of alcohol.

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