Council of the Community: Prayer by Brother Alois

The brothers held their yearly council-meeting from January 23-28. Sunday evening, the council concluded with an evening prayer that included the gesture of "prostration" by which the brothers recall the day of their life-commitment. Beforehand, Brother Alois said the following prayer.

Concluding prayer

We praise you, Christ Jesus, you are risen from the dead. You lead us to follow you, so that we may become witnesses to the joy of God and peacemakers, wherever we may be, in Taizé, in other countries or on the road.

We praise you for our brothers who live in Korea, Bangladesh, Senegal, for those who are going to South Africa, for those who are in Brazil, Cuba and Alsace, and for those who will be in Hong Kong during this year.

We praise you, Christ Jesus, for having nourished us during our council at the table of your word and your Eucharist. We praise you for the joy of brotherly love, especially apparent these days. You have also renewed us in simplicity.

Holy Spirit, you make of us a microcosm of the Church to which each adds a new stone by his life . You reawaken in us a passion for the unity of the Body of Christ, his Church. You teach us to rejoice in the diversity of ways to be Christian. In you we are already united, while being in solidarity with the Churches that are still divided.

Living God, with all our heart we would like to manifest your love by our community life. So we listen to your call to accomplish a common creation. It is as if you yourself were telling each of us these words from our little rule: "From now on, your worship and your service will take place in a community of brothers, itself set in the body of the Church ... You will be encouraged by the impetus of community life. You are no longer alone. You must take your brothers into account in all things."

You invite us to put our common creation at the service of those entrusted to us in so many places across the earth. We pray for all those we carry in our hearts.

For the participants in the European meeting in Basel. May through them the joy and peace experienced there continue to shine in the world like glimmers of hope.

For the inhabitants of our region, the Christians who live here, those who are in hospitals and care homes, the homeless, migrants, all those who support the poorest and who commit themselves for the common good.

For those around the world who are sad, for those who suffer violence, wars, injustice and famine.

Keep your song in us from dying out, even in our nights, this song of which the psalm we sang tonight speaks. With the psalmist we would like to gather together all our expectations and all our desire in a movement towards you, the God of the universe. "Happy are those whose strength is in you. Happy are those in whose heart is the road upward,” those moments of intimate joy in your presence. And, by the presence of your Holy Spirit, even the valley of tears can become a place of wellsprings on the path of our pilgrimage, the source of a serene joy.

Living God, we thank you for having made yourself known, for having come to us through Christ Jesus. He loved us and gave himself for every human being. By your Holy Spirit he is present today. May the joy of his risen life be known to all. May it be a source of fraternity and peace in the brokenness of our wounded humanity and in all your creation.

And now, after singing together, those brothers who have committed their entire lives will lay on the ground to recall their offering to God.

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