New Decorations in the Church: A Work in Progress

Over the past few weeks, the decoration of the area of the Church of Reconciliation around the altar is being redone. The east wall of the church needs some internal thermal insulation, so it was decided to take the opportunity to rethink the design. The chimney bricks have been part of the area around the altar for more than forty years, and the orange sails for twenty.

Now, squares of natural pigments (20cm x 20cm) have been painted on canvas, using more than thirty colours; we can think of the diversity of those who come to pray three times a day. We can also think of us and all of creation. We raised the candles so they can be more visible in the extensions of the church.

In terms of greenery, for the moment we have orange trees which can survive in a low-light environment. We have also put in epipremnum aureum, a houseplant native to the Solomon Islands.

If the decoration seems a bit unfinished, that is because it is a work in progress! The internal thermal insulation work should be done between Easter and Pentecost, after which we will repaint the whole choir with lime-wash. Hopefully, by the summer things will look a bit more in order.

Printed from: - 7 August 2020
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