Pope Francis receives Brother Alois

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This Thursday, April 4, the prior of the community of Taizé, Brother Alois, was received in private audience by Pope Francis. A few days after the presentation of the postsynodal exhortation "Christus Vivit", Brother Alois expressed to the Pope his gratitude for having been invited to participate in the synod of bishops on youth, last October. He emphasized the importance of the presence of young people and guests from other Christian denominations at this synod.

The prior of Taizé gave the pope news of the recent meetings organized by the community as part of the pilgrimage of trust on earth, especially the meeting in Beirut organized, ten days ago, with the Council of Churches of the Middle East and the Churches of Lebanon. They also discussed the international youth meetings held in Lviv, Ukraine (April 2018), Hong Kong (August 2018) and the European meeting in Madrid (December 2018), as well as upcoming meetings in Cape Town, South Africa (September 2019) and Wrocław in Poland (December 2019).

Pope Francis encouraged Brother Alois to continue welcoming young people in Taizé and approved the search for unity as it is lived by the community, with these words: "Unity is made by advancing together, you do it in Taizé, continue."


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