Reflection week for 18-35 year-olds | Postponed until summer 2021

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the restrictions in force in many countries, the week of reflection for 18-35 year olds has been postponed by one year, to August 22-29, 2021. To find out more about the arrangements for welcoming people in Taizé this summer, please check this other page of the site, which is regularly updated.

The aim of the week is to allow young adults of the same age range to meet and discuss various themes in the light of faith.

At the end of morning prayer, a brother will give a brief Biblical reflection in the church. The programme will include small discussion groups, workshops on spiritual, economic, political, artistic and society questions. Different speakers will be invited for these workshops - people involved in actions of solidarity, international organisations, Christian communities, youth from different continents, sisters of St Andrew, brothers of Taizé, ...

Some of the themes from 2019

  • Marginality and centrality of human beings in the universe. Reflection and sharing with a pastor and a physicist.
  • Spirituality and contemporary environmental challenges through the eyes of the Jewish Tradition.
  • Is it possible to be active in politics and remain true to one’s faith?
  • Bringing Laudato Si to life: prayer and action for Creation.
  • Nature and music. A flute and piano duet.

Programme of a typical day

  • 8:15am morning prayer, with a biblical reflection in the church, followed by breakfast
  • 10:15am workshops or practical tasks
  • 12:20pm midday prayer, then lunch
  • 3:00pm workshops or practical tasks
  • 5:00pm snack
  • 5:45pm small-group meetings
  • 7:00pm supper
  • 8:30pm evening prayer

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