Covid-19 | Health measures

In order to guarantee maximum protection for all, everyone who comes to Taizé needs to follow, and help others to follow the "barrier measures". These gestures are acts of care for others, especially the most vulnerable.

In particular, everyone is asked to :

  • wash their hands very regularly, cough into the crook of their elbow and use single-use tissues
  • keep a distance of one metre, including during meals and at Oyak, even between people from the same group
  • not embrace, hug or shake hands
  • wear a mask in enclosed areas (except in dormitories / rooms)
  • enter church on the north side (near the “Exposition”) and exit on the south side (towards the bells)
  • use the available hand sanitizer when you enter the church
  • follow the floor markings in the church and meeting areas – markings are taped on floors and places on benches
  • respect the restrictions on the number of people in each room.
Information on whether Taizé is open for visitors in the current circumstances can be found here.

If you have any questions or if you think you have symptoms, please go as soon as possible to the first aid point in El Abiodh.

Everybody’s compliance with these health measures is crucial if we are to be able to continue welcoming people in Taizé.

Poster showing the barrier measures

PDF - 144.1 kb

For general health questions concerning your stay in Taizé, please see the page on Health Matters []

Printed from: - 2 December 2021
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