A new addition to the online shop

The “Taizé Box”

Many people don’t know that there is an online shop [https://shop.taize.fr] where you can buy the products of the work of the brothers of the community. With the "Taizé Box", you can receive at home some of these items.


What does the Taizé Box contain?

In each Box you will find selected items from the Taizé showroom. The third one, which will be sent by Pentecost Sunday [https://shop.taize.fr/taize-box-pentecost.html], will include the following items:

  • a small icon,
  • an enamel pendant,
  • a songbook,
  • a set of postcards.
  • a specially edited leaflet

To receive this box on time, you must order before 5 May 2021.

In order to support those who wish to live their faith in everyday life at home, each package will contain a specially prepared leaflet, which will include a short meditation written by a brother, some ideas for reflection, a prayer and the score of a Taizé song.

At which times of the year will the Box be posted?

  • The first will be sent at the beginning of December, before Christmas.
  • The second at the beginning of March, before Easter.
  • The third at the beginning of May, for Pentecost.
  • The fourth at the beginning of September, for the beginning of autumn.

How can I order my "Taizé Box"?

You can order on the Taizé Webshop site [https://shop.taize.fr/other-products/taize-box.html]. The costs and delivery conditions are specified in the price list. We can only deliver within Europe.

Can the contents be personalised?

For logistical reasons, we cannot personalise the packages. However, it will be necessary to choose the language of the booklet (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian) in the order form, using a drop-down menu.

Can I send the Box to someone else?

Yes, this is in fact one of the ideas that led to the launch of this new venture. For example, grandparents will be able to order for a grandchild, or godparents will be able to offer it to their godchildren at the time of their confirmation ... In this case for you, please check the delivery address for the package and make sure it is indicated on the order form.

How can I let others know about this?

If you wish to let people know about this new venture, you can download and share the flyer below in PDF format, or share this page on social networks by clicking on the icon of your choice.

PDF - 630.2 kb
Taizé box_flyer

[1Background photo: Cédric Nisi

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