Greece | An initiative for French-speaking migrants on Lesbos

At the request of the leaders of the Catholic parish of the Assumption of Mary on the island of Lesbos, 50 Bibles and 80 copies of the New Testament were sent. One of the leaders writes: "The Bibles arrived 10 days ago and we were able to give them to those who had asked for them. Some were given to people living in the refugee camp, others to vulnerable people who were housed in the village of Thermi. (...) I understand that there may be some concerns about proselytizing, so please be aware that the Bibles are only given to those who ask for them. We don’t offer to give them Bibles ourselves. And many people continue to ask us, the vast majority of whom are baptized Christians from West Africa.

Printed from: - 5 October 2022
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