Prayer intentions for peoples of the world

On this page, prayer intentions for the peoples of the world will be published regularly. Each month, you can join in prayer with the intercessions of the brothers and young people in Taizé.

You can send prayer intentions to the brothers via this other page of the site.

January 2022 | Middle East

We pray to you for the peoples of the Middle East, especially for those who suffer from the violence in that part of the world. For the migrants, refugees and people who have been exiled, who have had to leave their countries. For the Christian Churches and the Middle East Council of Churches and for all those who work for unity.

February 2022 | Myanmar

We pray to you for the people of Myanmar, one year after the coup. For all those who have fled their villages, for the victims of violence. For those who are exposed to hunger and the consequences of the pandemic, or who do not have access to the care they need. For all those who are doing their utmost to seek a path of peace and justice.

March 2022 | Ukraine

Christ Jesus, as we stand in silence before you, we let this burning prayer rise up to you: may weapons cease to be fired on the land of Ukraine! Receive in your love those who are dying from violence and war, console the grieving families, show your presence to those who are in anguish or who have had to take the road of exodus. Support those who desire peace and who, in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and elsewhere, are taking initiatives to stop the war.

April 2022 | South Africa

We pray for the people of South Africa who are suffering from the pandemic and its social and economic consequences. For all those who have lost their jobs and whose lives are plunged into great insecurity. For the victims of injustice and violence. For all those who are committed to serving the poor and seeking ways of justice and peace in the country.

May 2022 | Haiti

We pray for the people of Haiti. For all those who continue to deal with the consequences of the tragic earthquake that struck the country in January 2011 and other extreme weather events. For all those who are accompanying the reconstruction efforts in this country affected by so much hardship. For people of goodwill who are committed to others.

June 2022 | Syria

We pray for the people of Syria, especially for those individuals and families who have lost loved ones in the war that has torn that country apart over the past few years. We also entrust to you the young people who took part in the recent meeting in the city of Homs, the leaders of the Churches and the Christian communities of that country.

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