Easter at Taizé

The day began early with an outdoor dawn prayer under a gentle drizzle. The Paschal fire was lit as we read texts from the first part of the Bible telling of God’s creating, liberating and saving acts, prefiguring the communion without limits and fullness of life promised through the Resurrection of Jesus.

From the fire, women from the village and sisters from the different communities present in Taizé took the Easter light and led the procession towards the Church of Reconciliation. At 8.00, they knocked three times on the door of the church and the Light of the Resurrection enter to the song of ¨Mshiha qam" (The Messiah lives), announcing in whispers "He is alive".

And as the Paschal candle was lit "Lumen Christi" (The Light of Christ) was sung, to which all responded "Deo gratias" (Thanks be to God) and the light spread throughout the church. And not only light, but that joy which rises in our hearts as we sing the Resurrection.

At the end of the service, in 20 different languages, our lips and hearts proclaimed:
- Christ is risen!
- He is risen indeed!

Priayer by Brother Matthew

Risen Christ, like John, Peter, and Mary of Magdala on the morning of your Resurrection, we seek for you everywhere, but you always go ahead of us. Even if we perceive nothing of your presence, help us too to believe in the sign of the empty tomb. May the day come when we understand that you were there and that you send us out to bring the good news of your love to all creation.

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[1Photos : Jean-Pierre Nguyen

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