Floods in August 2007

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6 August 2007. One of the brothers living in Bangladesh wrote yesterday:
Today I spent a good part of the day visiting very poor disabled people that we know, and who live on the other side of the Bramaputra River from us. Many of the houses are completely flooded; following the heavy rains of these last weeks the river has burst its banks. To reach the homes of these disabled people, I had to go by boat each time. In one case there was no other way but to set off crouching on a little makeshift raft made from large branches of bamboo. One of the children improvised as “gondolier” and took us across the water to some huts isolated on a strip of ground above the water. There we discovered that the disabled woman we know had just left her hut when it was flooded the day before. When the mother, a woman in her sixties, saw us coming she came to join us from a neigbouring spot, advancing through the water in her old sari, with the water reaching up to her neck! Once she was safely ashore, she told us how that very morning the entire family had to seek refuge elsewhere because snakes – one of them a cobra – had entered the hut during the night; they too were escaping from the flood waters. The whole family was terrified…

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