Prayers broadcast live

Midday and evening prayer are broadcast live in audio from Taizé each day. Saturday evening prayer is broadcast live by video every week. You can find the necessary information on this page.

Podcasts of prayers in Taizé

A few minutes of prayer with song and a bible verse recorded live in Taizé, France. (Duration: approx 10 mins. Material recorded usually a few days prior to the publishing date.)

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30 July 2020
23 July 2020
16 July 2020
9 July 2020
2 July 2020

The bells in Taizé

Audio clip of the bells ringing in Taizé before prayer [http://www.taize.fr/IMG/mp3/bells.mp3].

Learning Taizé songs

  • The rubric Learning the songs is regularly updated with new songs.
  • Full music scores in PDF format, as well as recordings, can be purchased here.
  • Books with songs and prayers are available at the on-line shop [https://shop.taize.fr/?___store=en&___from_store=fr] and on sale in bookshops throughout the world. See the list of books, CDs and DVDs that exist.

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