The brincadeira

The brincadeira: “Never too late to learn!”

“Keeping two hours of childhood a day for the children” is how one volunteer described the “brincadeira”: daily meetings for children led by one of the Taizé brothers living in Alagoinhas in the North East of Brazil. “Brincadeira” means “play and joy”. These afternoon meetings are also a place where the children can talk about their little or big problems at home or on the street.

The story of Dourado (the golden one)

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At last, he managed! Dourado, the donkey of the brincadeira, learned how to read better! He already knew how to read the “e” and the “a”. Now, although he is very old, with the help of his new glasses, he managed to read a whole story …

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We discovered his birth certificate just in time for his birthday. Many guests showed up for his 80th birthday party. They presented their various skills: motor rally, stilts, capoeira, clowns…

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Before going home, the mothers had a samba competition. The prize, for those who attend the special evening school for mothers who want to learn how to read and to write, was a beautiful notebook (a paper one, not a lap top!).

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At the end of the party, Dourado shared his birthday cake with the 550 well wishers: children and mothers.

The book fair

Two weeks later, there was a book fair during the brincadeira. For the fair, the 70 child authors wrote over 600 stories. The literature prize was a schoolbag!

Here are some of the children’s stories.

The girl who was bullied

Once upon a time there was a girl called Maria, who was bullied.
One day, a boy passed her by and punched her in the eye. Every time she walked up the road she got hurt.
Her mum was sick. After a time, her mum died. Then she felt very lonely.
One day, a boy was beating up Maria. A woman saw it and told the boy to stop. The boy ran away and Maria was crying.
But the woman took her home and they lived happily together ever after.

Geiza dos Santos Cruz, 11 years old, lives in the Rua do Vale

The beggar boy

Once upon a time there was a boy called João. He was a beggar. Every day, he begged for money.
Then, he had loads of money and he bought a house.
So he was very happy, but he was lonely.
He still doesn’t have a mum or dad.

Thiago Borges da Cruz, 9 years old, lives in the Rua do Vale

Daiane and her doll

Once upon a time there was a girl that liked to play a lot. Her name was Daiane.
On her birthday, she asked her dad for a doll. But her dad couldn’t give her one. He was unemployed.
The years passed and Daiane’s dad found a job. Her birthday came and her wish was the same. Finally it was fulfilled and Daiane lived happily ever after.

Daiane Santos Lopes da Rocha, 11 years old, lives in Rua São Lázaro

Frederica and Matheus: dealers

Once upon a time there was Frederica, who sold pot, and Matheus, who smoked pot.
He went to buy and wanted to tell on Frederica.
She killed Matheus and Jailson cried a lot.

Jailson de Jesus Batista, 12 years old, lives in Alto du Cruz

The sad girl

Once upon a time there was a very sad girl. Her name was Sophia.
She lived sadly because she didn’t have friends or relatives. She lived on the streets. She didn’t study and she didn’t have a home.
On a nice day, she went to a deserted river. Then some people started arriving, and also a bus full of children.
On the bus were 12 girls and 8 boys.
The boys started laughing at her.
But one of the girls said, “Don’t laugh at her because she will be sad”.
And a girl said, “But who is never sad?”
The boys stopped laughing and asked her name.
She said, “Sophia”.
They introduced themselves and were happy forever.

Edivania, 12 years old, lives on Rua do Sossego, São Crispim

The little thief

Once upon a time there was a boy called Elder. He sold pot all around and at night he went out with his friends to steal.
Until one day, he was selling pot to a boy and the police passed by and said, “Hey kid, one day I will catch you. Because you are only 15 years old and selling pot …. If I catch you, you will see what will happen to you”.
One day, a girl came and she fell in love with this kid. Then they started dating and got engaged and went to a really beautiful place for their honeymoon.
After two years, they got married. Elder stopped selling pot and they lived happily ever after.

Claudia, 14 years old, lives on Rua do Vale

The ugly frog

Once upon a time there was a very ugly frog. When he went to play with his friends, they laughed at him.
So the frog asked, “Why are you laughing at me?”
The friends answered, “Because you are very ugly”
The frog started crying.
His mum came and asked him why he was crying and he answered, “Because my friends are laughing at me and said that I’m very ugly.”
His mum said, “My son, you aren’t ugly.”
And they lived happily ever after.

Ediclecia da Silva Nascimento, 10 years old, lives in Rua do Vale

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