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ARTtogether : Triển lãm và Hands-On Workshops ở Taizé


In this year of anniversaries celebrated by the community, “ARTtogether” is an exhibition and series of hands-on workshops (Weaving, Word Art, Earth Art, Upcycling, Making Marks) in Taizé Sunday 6th September. It’s about young people from all around the world who make art together, which becomes a source of hope and inspiration to their communities. Creating art with others, as a means of conveying a message, when words may not be enough. We asked our Native American friends to think of a name for the exhibition’s space. They chose Wanagi Tacanku, which in their Lakota language means “Spirit Road” (the Milky Way).

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The Artists

N.B. When a date is given, that means that the artist will be in Taizé then, for a week or longer. When there is no date, the works have been sent to be shown.

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1) Ak Benn Grand Yoff, Dakar, Senegal, “one step further”. “Li nga xam jangal ko ko” which in Wolof means “what you know, teach it to the others”. With Sophie Marie, 28th June–6th September

2) Upcycling with Joakim, Nairobi, Kenya, 21st July–6th September.

3) Berber women weavers, from Guerrouma, Kabylie, Algeria.

4) Neema Crafts Centre, Ruaha, Tanzania. Transforming the lives of people with disabilities through handicrafts training and employment.

5) Agaseke Project, Rwandan women basket weavers.


1) Ankurkala “Sowing seeds of hope”. Rehabilitation and empowerment of the marginalized and destitute, especially women and children. With Annie, Akhtari, Madhuri, West Bengal, 20th July–19th August.

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2) Carpet weaving, mouth and foot painting. Mutual respect between disabled and non-disabled people, equal rights, irrespective of religion, race and gender: the values of Protibondhi Community Centre, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. With Shaftali and Bimol, 9th August–6th September.

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3) Krama weavers. Arrupe Centre, Battambang, Cambodia. A home for young children with disabilities, journeying with them through their studies and teaching them manual skills.

4) Rehabilitation after the tsunami and nuclear disaster. Caritas Yonekawa Base, Fukushima, Japan. With Michio Chiba, Chiba-San, 5th-11th July.

5) Painting workshops. Lay Prison Evangelical Organization, creation and rehabilitation programme, Hong Kong.

6) Basket weavers from Irian Jaya tribe, Indonesia.


1) Faith & Light, Moscow, Russia. Persons with an intellectual disability, their families and friends who meet together, in a Christian spirit, to share friendship and celebrate life. With Olga, Michail, Tatiana, Anastasiia, Anna, Elena, Nina, Natalia, Anna, Tatiana, Tatiana, Elena, Aleksandr, Aleksandr, Dmitri, Lev, Iurii, Ariadna, Natalia, Aleksandra, Elena, Tatiana, Dmitri, Tatiana, Gennadii, Natalia, Olga, Irina, Ekatarina, Ekatarina, Dmitrii, Valentina, 21st June–6th July.

2) Marionettes, Forman Brothers Theater, Prague, Czech Republic. With Matěj Forman, July 14-20.

3) Painting and poetry. “Papillons Blanc”: A home for people with handicaps and psychiatric problems. Paray le Monial, France.

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4) The Grandhotel Cosmopolis, a concrete utopia, a place that combines refugee accommodation, artist’s studios and open work spaces as well as a hotel. Augsburg, Germany and Jerusalem, Israel. With Roi Kfir, Peter Maltz, Vera Graz, 23rd-30th August.

5) Guild of Burgundian Spinners (wool). Sunday 5th July and Sunday 30th August, and every Wednesday.

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6) Habemus Corpus Contemporary Dance Company. With Miquel G Font, Emmanuel Dobby, Olga Lladó, 19th-26th July.

7) Indigenous Sami artists from Sevettijärvi, Scolt Sami Community and Siida Sámi Cultural Centre, Inari, Lapland, Finland.

8) Magic Me “Wild Wild Women”: intergenerational arts practice for women in central London. With Sue Mayo, 26th July–9th August

9) The Circle Works, a meeting point for people with a commitment to human connections in central London.

10) Children from Lugansk and Donietsk, Ukraine. With Masha, Anzhela, Oleg, Viktoriia, Kateryna, Artur, Taisiya, Masha, 1st-25th June.

11) Le Poverello café for street people, Brussels, Belgium.

12) Owen Jones oak swill basket maker, Coniston, Lake District, Cumbria, England.

13) “la Compagnie le Puits” with Mary Viénot, clown and storyteller, France.

14) Dutch Re Collection, Upcycled playground. With Lawrence Christian Stolk and Jorinde Van De Meeberg, 13th-18th July.

15) Empathiclown. Clowning with old people suffering from Alzheimer’s, adolescents with autism, adults in hospital and street children. Belgium. With Denis Bernard, from 22nd August.

North America

1) Bad Art Studios, visual arts, music, dance. Oglala Lakota Tribe, Native American Indians. Pine Ridge, South Dakota, USA. With Micheal and Reed TwoBulls, 5th July–5th August.

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2) Graffiti Art, About this Life Inc. Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. Strengthening communities and creating awareness on the issues impacting them. With Aaron Pearcy & Sarah Johnson Levy, 11th-24th June.

3) Chicago Quilters Guild.

4) Mime, Tony Lopresti, New York City, USA, 2nd-11th August.

Latin America

1) Communidad de Trinidad Salvador de Bahia, Brasil. Community of street people who make art from thrown-out objects.

2) Fundação do Caminho Alagoinhas, Brazil. School where everyone is welcome (visually impaired, physicaly disabled) opening new horizons through music and art, learning independence, escaping violence of the streets.

3) Good Friday designs, Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

4) Textile art. Arpillera by Marisol, Lanigrafia by the Hermanitas de Jesús, Chile.


1) Aboriginal Catholic Ministry for Victoria. Painted journey stones and cross, by Vicki Clark Mutthi Mutthi.

And everyone who comes to Taizé is invited to take part in various projects, for example a weaving project. For this, we invite you to bring:
− Something to weave in our loom (threads of cotton, wool, plant fibers...) to create a fabric which expresses our diversity and at the same time our interdependence.
− An old T-shirt that together we can upcycle into a mat. Giving new value to discarded things.

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