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Meditation by Brother Matthew: Express a sense of (...)

Thursday July 4 2024 Today we have taken part in a great sporting (...)

Commented Bible Passages

These Bible meditations are meant as a way of seeking God in (...)

Meditation by Brother Matthew: Choose the path of (...)

Thursday June 27 2024 Though we are already quite numerous in (...)

August 2024: Sharing and witnessing Orthodox (...)

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2024 | Seventh friendship meeting between young (...)

The seventh edition of the friendship meeting between young (...)

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Taizé Vinyl 2 Les Presses de Taizé, 2024, , ISBN: 329575008025 (...)

An interview with young people from Tallinn

Interview conducted in Taizé in May 2024 with Matilda, Mihkel, (...)

Brother Matthew in Ukraine on a visit of solidarity

From 12 to 17 May 2024, Brother Matthew travelled to Ukraine for (...)

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Saturday 18 May 2024 Here we are on the eve of Pentecost. We are (...)

Pilgrims of Peace: How?

Here are some ideas about setting out as pilgrims of peace. (...)

Pilgrims of Peace: Initiatives

On this page, we will publish different initiatives taking place (...)

Times of prayers: Ascension and Pentecost at (...)

Ascension | Thursday 9 May On Ascension Day, the Eucharist will (...)

Taiwan: Regular Prayers

Taiwan Regular Taizé Prayers【Taipei Metro Area】1. Tien Educational Center (耕莘文教院)Every 1st Sunday of the monthTime: 15:00 (...)

The Community Today

The Taizé Community comprises around eighty brothers from (...)

Pilgrims of Peace: Why?

On the final evening of the European Meeting in Ljubljana, (...)

At the Wellspring of Faith

2022-02-28 20:30
2022-02-27 20:30
Daily Bible Reading
Fri, 19 July

Bless the Lord, my soul; let all that is in me bless his holy name. Bless the Lord, my soul; forget none of his good deeds.

Psalms 103
Daily Prayers by Brother Matthew

Faithful God, when living for you becomes a source of mockery or leads us to be excluded by those around us, help us to remember your prophet Jeremiah. May the fire of your love burn in our hearts. You never forget us, and by your Holy Spirit, the Comforter, you are always at our side.



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2024/25 European Meeting in Tallinn

Week for 18-35 year-olds

2024 | Seventh friendship meeting between young Christians and Muslims at Taizé

Taizé, July 2024