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Information for Registered Participants

This information is only for people who have already registered for the meeting.You’re getting ready to come to the (...)

Welcome 5 July

This information is only for people who have already registered for the meeting.On 5 July, everyone will be (...)

Welcome 7 July

This information is only for people who have already registered for the meeting.Those arriving by coach, minibus or (...)

Meditation by Brother Alois: “The Holy Spirit makes (...)

Saturday 11 June 2022What a joy to be together in this Pentecost (...)

Regular prayers in Australia

Prayers with songs from Taizé exist in many places in Australia. (...)

New Publications

fr. RogerGott kann nur lieben – Erfahrungen und Begegnungen Dieu (...)

Commented Bible Passages

These Bible meditations are meant as a way of seeking God in (...)

WYD Lisbon 2023: staying at Taizé before or (...)

Some groups are already preparing their journey for World Youth (...)

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Journeying together (...)

Press release, 8th May, 2022 In collaboration with the Churches (...)

Week of sharing and witnessing Orthodox faith

Since 2016, the Orthodox parish of Saint Césaire and Saint Marcel (...)

Ecumenical gathering of young adults in Homs, (...)

28 April - 1 May 2022 At Christmas 2015, Brother Alois went (...)

Journey of three brothers in Central and Eastern (...)

As the war in the Ukraine continues, the brothers of Taizé would (...)

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Which Prayers Are (...)

In collaboration with the Churches of the Holy Land and the (...)

Meditation by Brother Alois: “Death does not have (...)

Saturday 16 April 2022It is a great joy to be here in such large (...)

Ukraine | Collection of medical items

Three brothers are planning to travel to Eastern Europe at the (...)

At the Wellspring of Faith

2022-02-28 20:30
2022-02-27 20:30
Daily Bible Reading
Thu, 30 June

Jesus said: I did not come to judge the world, but to save it.

John 12:47-50
Daily Prayers by Brother Alois
Tue., 28 June 2022

Eternal God, you know the desire hidden in the depths of our heart; you listen to our prayer. We entrust to you the poor across the earth, those who see no future. Pour out your consolation on them.


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