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Taizé: Nearest airports

How to travel between airports and train stations for Taizé.For trains to Taizé see the By train page. Paris CDG – (...)

Travel to Taizé: By train and local bus

If you are travelling from Paris, choose Mâcon-Loché TGV as your (...)

UK: Travel to Taizé individually

There are a number of different ways to reach Taizé from the UK by (...)

Commented Bible Passages

These Bible meditations are meant as a way of seeking God in (...)

Preparing for Together

A separate website, www.together2023.net, set up by Taizé and the (...)

Prayers in Rome

As part of the preparation of the event "Together | Gathering of (...)

The Lutheran Bishops of the Church of Sweden in (...)

Brother Alois and the Taizé Community were very happy to welcome (...)

The Welcome Will Be Closed from September 28 to (...)

The brothers of the community and the welome teams will leave (...)

Preaching by the Archbishop of Uppsala, Martin (...)

During the Eucharist on Sunday 24 April in Taizé, the Archbishop (...)

Holy Week and Easter

These are the prayer times for Holy Week and EasterPalm Sunday (...)

New Publications

Taizé Vinyl Songs from Taizé in vinyl format Les Presses de Taizé, (...)

Brother Pascal (1940-2023)

Ralph Ray Walsh who, on entering the Taizé Community in 1962, took (...)

Brother Pierre-Yves (1929-2023)

Pierre Emery who, on entering the Taizé Community in 1953, took (...)

European Meeting in Ljubljana

At the end of every year several thousands of young adults from (...)

Brother Alois received in audience by Pope (...)

A few days before the tenth anniversary of his pontificate, Pope (...)

At the Wellspring of Faith

2022-02-28 20:30
2022-02-27 20:30
Daily Bible Reading
SUN, 4 June

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.

John 3:13-17
Daily Prayers by Brother Alois

Jesus, our peace, by giving your life you opened up a way of hope for all humanity. Make of us witnesses to unity and bearers of reconciliation right to the ends of the earth.


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An ecumenical prayer vigil in Rome

Week of sharing and witnessing Orthodox faith

European Meeting in Ljubljana