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Permission for the use of songs from Taizé in online worship


During the covid-19 crisis, the Taizé Community is happy to give permission free of charge for the use of the songs of Taizé in any streamed, podcast or online services or prayers in the UK and Ireland, as follows:

  • The songs may be recorded or sung live, whether by individuals or by choirs or worship groups, with or without accompaniment.
  • The singing may be supported if desired by tracks from the 3 instrumental CDs produced by Ateliers et Presses de Taizé.
  • Any tracks from other CDs produced by the Ateliers et Presses de Taizé may also be played. In this case, the title of the album used must be indicated in a credit line at the end of the service. Please note that we have the rights only for the CDs recorded and produced by ourselves at Taizé (full list on the Taizé Community website, from which it is also possible to download. Note that the rights for the album "Taizé - Music of unity and peace" belong to Deutsche Grammophon, so this recording is excluded.) We are not able to give permissions concerning recordings of our songs made by other producers elsewhere.
  • This permission lasts until churches re-open fully for public worship after the present crisis.
  • Churches wishing to display the musical scores should obtain the appropriate license from OneLicense.