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Life in Taizé. Stories and Personal Accounts

17 April

Throughout the year, this page will be updated with regular news concerning life on the hill. April: Easter, in the hope of the Resurrection A week before Easter, (...)

UK: School & College Weeks 2014 & 2015

17 April

School and 6th-form college groups with students in Years 10-13 are especially invited in June and July. Information for teachers and group organisers (updated (...)

UK: University Weeks 2014

14 April

An opportunity to participate in the international meetings at Taizé, while sharing the experience, including the travel, with students from other universities. In (...)

UK: Weekend in Edinburgh
15-16 March 2014

14 April

“Towards a new solidarity” A brother of the Community was in Edinburgh for the weekend on the theme of the 2015 anniversaries at Taizé. 300 people gathered in Old St (...)

New Zealand: Visits in May 2014

13 April

In May 2014, two brothers will be visiting Australia and New Zealand as a preparatory visit for a larger stage of the Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth between 7 and 14 (...)

News from Britain

12 April

2014 In March, one of the brothers of the community spent two weeks in England and Scotland In recent years there has often been a Lenten Prayer around the Cross in (...)

The Year 2015 in Taizé: Gathering for a New Solidarity

11 April

From Sunday 9 to Sunday 16 August 2015 The climax of the 2015 celebrations, this week will also be the culmination of three years dedicated to searching for a “new (...)

The Year 2015 in Taizé: From 1940 to 2015…

10 April

In August 1940, at the beginning of the Second World War, Brother Roger arrived in the village of Taizé. He had just turned 25, and was laying the foundations of a (...)

Montenegro: Meeting in Podgorica

10 April

A Stage on the Pilgrimage of Trust in Montenegro 27-31 August 2014 At the invitation of the Orthodox Archbishop of Cetinje and Metropolitan of Montenegro and the (...)

Japan : Regular prayers

9 April

Japan 2014 In many parts of Japan, people gather to pray with the songs of Taize. They are signs of hope. There is a place where young students pray together (...)

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15 April 2014
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SUN, 20 April
At the grave, the angel said to the women: Do not be afraid. I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.
Matthew 28:1-10
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