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Press release: Taizé sends young people to different countries

16 September

For a large gathering to be held in Taizé in August 2015, the community is seeking to deepen with young people around the world a reflection on new solidarity which (...)

Caribbean: Pilgrimage of Trust in October 2014

16 September

In this year when Taizé seeks to be particularly attentive to the youth of Latin America, a meeting bringing together thousands of young people was held in early May (...)

UK: Prayers

12 September

There are many regular prayers in the UK which started by contact with Taizé. The ones on this list are only a selection: those prayers with which the community (...)

Prague: Registration

3 September

In some countries registration for the meeting is handled by local contact points. Please do not use the registration form below if this is the case in your country, (...)

15-29 July 2014: A Brother Visits South Sudan

1 September

The violent crisis that erupted in mid-December 2013 has bruised the youngest and poorest state in the world. Talks between representatives of the two opposing camps (...)

Commented Bible Passages

1 September

These Bible meditations are meant as a way of seeking God in silence and prayer in the midst of our daily life. During the course of a day, take a moment to read the (...)

UK: School & College Weeks 2015

30 August

School and 6th-form college groups with students in Years 10-13 are especially invited in June and July. Information for teachers and group organisers (updated (...)

A Jew’s prayer for the children of Gaza

25 August

In these months of conflict, prayer for the peoples of the Near East, for all who are seeking a just and lasting peace in that region, has become more intense in (...)

Young Adult Gathering for a New Solidarity: Information and Program

25 August

From 9 to 16 August 2015, thousands of young people from 18 to 35 years old will gather on the hill of Taizé. Commemorating the life of Brother Roger, they will look (...)

Meditation by Brother Alois: In Communion with Eastern Christians

25 August

Thursday 21 August 2014 One of the things that characterizes our meetings throughout the summer here in Taizé is that we come from different Churches. Living (...)

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