Taizé European meeting companion app

Note on the use and protection of private data


The European meeting companion application for Android or iOS is developed by IDENTT Sp. z o.o and TimeNavi sp. z o. o in cooperation with Taizé. Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning the data privacy of the application, or to request deletion of your data, by e-mail: app taize.fr.

The application may request the use of your phone’s camera, if you decide to scan the QR code on the booklet you will receive at your arrival. This allows the application to show you information concerning the parish you are connected with. Any image captured is only used to detect a QR code and is never stored beyond that on your device, nor transmitted to us or any third party.

The QR code scanned, or entered manually without using the camera, contains an identifier, which is not linked to any one person. When the code is transmitted to our servers to download information about your stay, it is used to retrieve your spoken language, your parish code, your means of transportation and the work team you may be part of.

The in-application map uses the Google Maps API which is subject to Google’s Terms of Service. By using the map you are agreeing to be bound by the Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service and that your data is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy. The map is used to display locations relevant to the meeting. Your GPS position is not used or collected by the application. Your position may be used by the Google Maps application or website, if you click on a link to a place that leaves the application, if you have given permission.

Besides that, the application does not collect any personal information. To request deletion of data related to your stay, that is not part of the app, provided by you on the registration form, or questions regarding your registration please see Note on the protection of private data - Taizé registration form.