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11 March | Our online presence

Many of you have noticed that our online presence is intensifying week after week: the first videos on YouTube, photos on Instagram, and links on Twitter and Facebook. It’s up to you on you to find out what interests you in connection with the preparation!

From today, the local preparation has a dedicated page:, which you can consult for news concerning the preparations on site.

If you come from another country, keep an eye on the section ( where you can find information about the program for participants.

25 February | Volunteering: The first three working groups

Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with KANA, the youth pastoral office of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana, should be three working groups have been established. These groups consist mainly of young people who attended the Rostock meeting and are now eager to help prepare for the welcome of young people at the end of the year.

- One group will focus on the animation of common prayers, offering their knowledge and experience to help prepare welcoming common prayers.

- Another group is handling logistics, scouting potential places of welcome within a 45-minute train or bus ride from the Arena Stožice.

- In addition, a team is dedicated to the question of communication, exploring ways to involve and invite more people to the meeting and its preparation, including those who may not share the Christian faith but are interested in reflecting on the meaning of life and the common good of society, and who are also eager to connect with people from different backgrounds and perspectives.

14 February | Arena Stožice

After months of careful consideration and thorough research, the Arena Stožice was chosen as the central venue for the meeting. It will be no small feat to fill this expansive stadium and transform it into a space for prayer and encounter. Additionally, several churches throughout the city will be opening their doors each morning to welcome the young participants. And let’s not forget the local homes, where the young people will spend a third of their time - that is, if they manage to get enough sleep!

31 January | Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

In the second part of January a brother of the Taizé Community participated in the week of Christian unity. This visit to Slovenia made it possible to meet Christians of different denominations, to pray with them and also to listen to their expectations regarding the meeting at the end of the year. During these prayers throughout the country - as well as all over the world - it was possible to meet representatives of the Serbian Orthodox, the Macedonian Orthodox and the Pentecostal Churches, among others.

As is done regularly, a prayer with the songs of Taizé also took place in the Lutheran church in Ljubljana.

2 January | Announcement of the meeting

During the European Meeting in Rostock, brother Alois announced that the next meeting will take place in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. Stanislav Zore, the archbishop of the city that will host the next meeting, was present at the announcement and stated, “Welcoming thousands of young people is not an easy task, but we can see God’s call in it, which brings new life to our parishes and other Christian communities. It is also a great opportunity to invite those who have drifted away from the Church to participate and to ask them to welcome young people into their homes.”

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A részvételi hozzájárulás az érkezők országának függvényében lett megállapítva:

  • Magyarországról érkezők: 65 Euro (35 év felett 100 Euro)
  • Romániából érkezők: 45 EUR (35 év felett 70 Euro)
  • Szlovákiából érkezők: 65 EUR (35 év felett 100 Euro)
  • Szerbiából érkezők: 45 EUR (35 év felett 70 Euro)
  • Ukrajnából érkezők: 40 EUR (35 év felett 60 Euro)
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