European Meeting in Ljubljana

What is the European Meeting?


At the end of every year several thousands of young adults from various countries and denominations gather for five days in a big European city to pray and to share the life of the local people and Church communities.

After Madrid, Wroclaw, Turin and Rostock, the 46th European Meeting will take place from Thursday 28 December 2023 to Monday 1st January 2024 in Ljubljana.

What is the European Meeting?

The European Meeting is prepared by the Taizé Community, in cooperation with the local Churches and with the support of the city of Ljubljana.

The participants set out, leaving behind the security and familiarity of their homes,
- to be welcomed by local people,
- to get to know and share their life and culture,
- to meet other young adults from all over Europe and beyond,
- to seek a meaning to life through prayer, silence and song, personal reflection, and sharing,
- to enter together into the new year 2024.

In return, the hosts
- open their doors,
- welcome strangers and
- are willing to share their lives with them for a short time.

This requires mutual trust from everyone and thus, the meeting becomes a sign of how we can live in solidarity and friendship.

Welcome to Ljubljana

We would like to invite you to spend the end of the year 2023 in Ljubljana. The local communities and individuals are already preparing for your visit!

Last updated: 10 March 2023

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“The pilgrimage is an important event for those who undertake it, for those who dare to set out and run the risk of failure, but also for those who welcome others, and, by doing so, receive more than they give. Thousands of young pilgrims join thousands of people who agree to open their homes to complete strangers. They share more, far more, than their goods; they share their lives, their beliefs, their hopes.”

participant of a previous meeting