Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth

Pilgrims of Peace


On the final evening of the European Meeting in Ljubljana, Brother Matthew asked the following question:

“Are we ready to walk on the same path? If we can do that, then as Christians together, like the yeast in the dough, we can make a difference. Would peace among ourselves not give a greater hope for peace in the world? Are we ready to set out as Pilgrims of Peace in the time between now and the Tallinn European Meeting continuing our Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth?

How can we pray, meet and even walk from place to place, from church to church and seek paths of peace?”

How can each one of reflect on this theme of becoming Pilgrims of Peace wherever we may be? It doesn’t mean necessarily starting something big. It might mean simply joining existing initiatives.

In the introduction to the annual Community Council in January, Brother Matthew shared these words with the brothers:

How are we called to be present as a community in the wounds of the human family? We cannot seek to be builders of unity or pilgrims of peace without listening to the voices of those who suffer from deadly conflicts or from the violence that increasingly lurks in our societies. (…) There can be no lasting peace without justice for all, especially those who suffer. How does this challenge us? How many times in the Gospels did Jesus overcome the barriers of separation between enemy peoples? Speaking of his life given up for all on the cross, St Paul tells us of Christ that he: "reconcile(d) both groups to God in one body through the cross, thus putting to death that hostility through it. So he came and proclaimed peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near. " (Eph 2.16-17)

One of the brothers is planning a series of visits in Poland and in link with this made these remarks:

“In response to the many invitations I received at the European Meeting in Ljubljana, I will be travelling to Poland next April. I have selected 14 cities for this visit under the banner “Journeying Together”. I’ll certainly be travelling, but in order to be together as well, I’ve invited young people from each of these towns to accompany me. At least two young people from the first city will go with me to the second city to be welcomed and take part in the programme that has been prepared. The young people from the second city will accompany me to the next city, and so on. If young people want to visit more towns with me, so much the better. They will be welcomed by the families and the local church. I hope that this idea will work and that the physical and spiritual journey will really take place together.”

If you have any ideas on how you could be Pilgrims of Peace as we continue our Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth, please write to pilgrims taize.fr and we will publish the initiatives on our website and social media outlets.

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Last updated: 15 April 2024