To commemorate February 24


During the evening prayer of Saturday 24 February, we prayed the following intercession:

We pray for the people of Ukraine. For families who have recently lost a loved one in the war being waged against this country. We remember also Roman Huryk, killed ten years ago on Maïdan Square in Kyiv, and Taras, killed recently on the frontline, and his family in their mourning. We pray for the team at the Mriya orphanage, for the young people of ’Vilnyy Prostir’. For Nikita, Pavlo, Ksenia, Liubomyr and Volodya.

As pilgrims of peace, we would like to listen to the voices of all the victims of war throughout the world, so that our prayer may bring us closer to them and so that God may give us the insights to express our solidarity. Let us also pray for those who struggle for justice under oppressive regimes.

Photo: on-line workshop with young Ukrainians on Saturday 24 February 2024
Last updated: 24 February 2024