Short writings from Taizé

11. Blessed in Our Human Frailty


Jesus’ baptism reveals him as the beloved Son of God. Immediately
afterwards, during the trials in the wilderness, his identity is called into
question: if he really were the Son of God, would he be hungry, would
he fear death?

A moral lesson has often been drawn from the story of the “temptations”. In fact, it is one of the most profound gospel texts about the mystery of Jesus: what does it mean for him to be God’s Son? In Jesus, what seems incompatible is united. There is a humanity of the Son of God.

In this way a path is opened where we too are blessed in our human
frailty. Faith does not lift us above our human condition. It is the firm
trust that God loves us even when we are weak and needy.

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Last updated: 17 August 2009

Short writings from Taizé

These short texts from Taizé, written by some of the brothers, wish to offer an approach to the fundamental wellsprings of the faith. Inspired by the experience of the young adult meetings that take place around the community year after year, they examine questions that are vital for Christians today.

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