Meeting in Ljubljana

Information for registered pilgrims


You are getting ready to come to take part in the Pilgrimage of trust Meeting in Ljubljana and we are looking forward to your arrival! The parishes have put a lot of effort into preparing a warm welcome for everyone. They have a lot to share with you. Nevertheless, your help will be greatly appreciated.

During this pilgrimage of trust in Ljubljana we will spend time living together, bringing us closer to God and one another. We would like to share our joys and open new paths of hope together.

Here are some practical details concerning the meeting. If you are leading a group, please pass the information to each group member.


- Don’t forget
- Registration
- Journey
- Reception
- Detailed programme
- Central phone number for the meeting
- Departure

Don’t forget

Keep your luggage to a minimum. Remember that we are taking part in a pilgrimage and that you will have to carry your luggage. When packing, don’t forget the following points:

  • Your passport or ID card and a photocopy of it. Please check to see if you need a visa for entry into Slovenia. Young people under 18 years old must bring a written parental consent with them.
  • If you would like to give something to the family that welcomes you, then bring a small present – something that represents your region or your country. You can also make it yourself.
  • A sleeping mat and a sleeping bag so that you can sleep on the floor.
  • A mug or bowl and a spoon for the meals.
  • A small mat or cushion to make it easier to sit on the floor during the prayers and meetings.
  • Check before leave that your health and liability insurance is valid for travel abroad and bring the necessary documents with you.
  • Check the (weather forecast) before you leave, it can be both warm and chilly at the end of April. the “participant’s form” which you can (download here). You will give this in at the parish where you are welcomed.
  • For groups travelling by coach: logo to put on the bus windscreen.
  • Musical instruments.


We do not accept any new registrations. If you wish to take part in the Ljubljana meeting and you haven’t registered already, please contact Taizé immediately in order to see if we can still welcome you. Please do not organise your journey before our confirmation that you can come.
If you have already registered, you can still modify or update your registration. You will be able to do this up until April 24.


Think about how you are going to use your journey time: young people could introduce themselves; you could ask someone to speak about Ljubljana and Slovenia...
Remember to include times for prayer.
You can also learn the songs that we will sing during the meeting (download the song sheet).

On April 28 everyone will be welcomed at Krekov trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana (map). You should arrive there between 12.00 and 16.00. The welcome will open at 12.30 and close at 17.00.

Delays: If problems arise during your journey and you see you are going to be late (i.e. after 17.00), please call the central phone number (+386 51 303 815).

If you arrive on April 27, the welcome will be at Duhovno središče sv. Jožefa, Ulica Janeza Pavla II. 13 (map, on some older maps this street is named Zrinjskega). If you arrive after 21.45, please let us know when you will arrive so that we can wait for you.

Arriving by train, public bus, plane

The way from the train and public bus station will be marked and there will be volunteers to direct you to the welcome place. It’s a 5-7 minute walk from the central station. See map.
If you arrive to Ljubljana airport, take the shuttle to Ljubljana central station. Then look for arrows or volunteers and come to the welcome place.

Arriving by car or mini-bus

Bear in mind there is no possibility to park the car at the welcome place. Try to park your car in the streets behind Krekov trg (Strossmayerjeva, Streliška, Ulica Stare pravde) or park in one of the public parking areas or houses (map). Please make sure you pay the parking fee (in advance if you park in the street).

Arriving by coach

It’s very important you follow this route (see map) if you are arriving by coach, otherwise the coach will not be able to stop at the designated place.
The coach has to take the city tunnel and immediately after coming out of the tunnel turn right into Streliška ulica. The place where the coaches can stop is about 300 m away on the right side of the street. The way and the coach stop will be marked.
Important! The bus cannot stay parked there; it can only stop for a few minutes.

Accommodation for the drivers and parking of the coaches
The facilities offered by the meeting cannot be used by coach drivers. Before leaving home, group leaders must make reservations for them for both bed and meals in a hotel, if the coach company has not done this already. There are no free parking possibilities for coaches in Ljubljana! We suggest one of these accommodations with the possibility to park the bus (for free!). However, when reserving, you should say you also need a bus park place, since some accommodations only have a limited space available.
Kmečki hram, Tomačevska cesta 50, 1000 Ljubljana
Web: http://www.kmeckihram.si/penzion_pr...
Ljubljana Resort, Dunajska cesta 270, 1000 Ljubljana
Web: http://www.ljubljanaresort.si/en/ho...
Pri Ančki, Žontarjeva ulica 1, 1215 Medvode
Web: http://www.bistro-pri-ancki.com/ind...


Once you come to the welcome place, you will receive the programme of the meeting, a song sheet, a map to your host parish, a city plan and a transport ticket. Keep these papers with you at all times during the meeting.

Your accommodation will be allocated to you by your host parish (with a family). Please accept what is offered to you. The hosts welcome participants of the Regional meeting without expecting anything in return. Please be ready to split up to go in pairs, or even alone. Please also accept that families receive either boys or girls. Bigger groups arriving together will be split up and send to different parishes.

Please bring a picnic for lunch for the day of the arrival. First organised meal will be supper at 17.45.

After the welcome in the family, come back to the city centre (DSJ) for supper and evening prayer .

If you arrive already on April 27 we might ask you to help a bit with the welcome on April 28.

Contribution to costs

The contribution of 30 EUR covers the costs of meals and transport, the equipment used, etc. Please prepare the exact amount which you should give on arrival.

If you’ve organised your own accommodation

If you have organised your own accommodation during the meeting, you should write in your registration where you are staying. Your hosts in Ljubljana should contact the nearest parish participating in the programme and explain that you will take part in the morning activities. You must still come to the central welcome place to receive the programme, tickets, etc.

Group leader’s mobile phone number

In the online registration form we ask you to give a mobile phone number where you can be contacted in case of emergency during the meeting. Please make sure this mobile phone is working in Slovenia.

Detailed program

Download the detailed program of the meeting here.

Central phone number for the meeting

For all information and emergencies during the meeting:
(+ 386) 51 303 815
This number works 24 hours a day from April 27 to May 2.


If you lead a group, do not plan to leave before 16.00 on Tuesday May 1.
Coaches can leave from Streliška ulica (arrival point!). Should this change, we will notify the driver and the group on arrival.

Last updated: 26 April 2012