Cape Town 2019

Registration form and FAQ


When you fill in the registration form you will be sent a login which allows to you to return to your form to change any details, to add or remove participants, or indeed to cancel the registration completely.

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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Before making a first registration

Do I have to register each person in a separate registration?

No. You can put all your group in one registration, provided that you are all registering for the same programme (either full weekend or 1-day programme) and arriving the same day.

I do not yet know all the people who will be coming...

That’s OK. To make an initial registration you need to include at least one person who will be coming. On the form there is a box for you to put an estimated number of extra participants whose details you will add later.

What contact details do I need to give?

We need contact details (email, phone, postal address) for just one person with whom to correspond. All correspondence will be sent to the email address you give.

What information do I need to give about the people coming with me?

Their first name, family name, gender and date of birth.

If you are coming with a large group of young people, you can upload a whole list in one operation. It needs to be in this format:
First name, Last name, Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy), Gender (M/F)
For example:

Francois, Smith, 25/03/1998, M
Thandiwe, Madzikana, 16/11/1999, F

Some of our group are arriving/leaving on different days...

A registration can only contain people who have the same arrival and departure dates (although it is not absolutely necessary that they travel together). So if your group includes people with different arrival and departure dates, you will need to make two or more registrations.

Can I have a copy of my registration?

On the final page of the form there is a button which allows you to obtain a copy of the registration you have made in spreadsheet format.

I am organising a group and I need my own list with extra information...

And it’s tiring to keep two lists up-to-date in parallel... Try this:
When you are filling in the form you will see a box called Organiser’s notes for each person. Use this for the information you need to keep track of. For example, whether the person has made their travel payment, their passport number (e.g. if you need it for visa reasons), etc.
The spreadsheet file mentioned in the answer above will also contain the information in this box.

Changing your registration

I need to add/remove people, change the dates, or cancel the registration.

Log in to your initial registration and make the necessary changes. Please never create a second registration to “correct” one already made.

If you are unable to access your original registration, contact the registration team for help, putting your registration code in double brackets in the subject line of your email.

There’s something I need to ask the registration team.

If possible, log in to your registration form and use it to send a message. If you need to send a free-standing email, please include your registration code (leave the brackets around it) in the subject line of your message.


I made a registration but have not received any login information.

If, several hours after making your first registration, you have not received an automatic email with login details for your registration then it is usually because of one of two things:
- the email was sent but your system or your service provider has classed the email as junk. Check your spam folder, and set taize.fr as a friendly sender!
- maybe you made a mistake when you gave your email address on the form.

If you need to, contact capetown2019 taize.fr direct by email and ask for the login information to be resent.

I cannot fill in the form because of a technical problem.

Please use the link at the bottom of the form, “Report a technical problem” and give as many details as you can (how far did you get in the form; what caused the difficulty; which browser are you using, ...). If even this does not work, contact webadmin taize.fr.

I have a question about the meeting but do not want to make a registration.

Please contact capetown2019 taize.fr.