Taizé and the "Églises Vertes" network

In 2019, Taizé joined the network of "Églises Vertes", (literally "Green Churches") an ecumenical initiative under the auspices of the Council of Christian Churches of France.

The following text is translated from the site of the network.

Why the "Églises Vertes" designation?

  • Because we believe that God reveals Godself through creation and has entrusted it to human beings, who must nurture and care for it.
  • Because life on earth is a blessing and shows the love of God. Acting to safeguard it is a way of loving our neighbour and acting for justice.
  • Because the ecological crisis commits us to hear the cry of the earth that "is groaning in labour pains" (Rm 8.22) and to choose, with hope, lifestyles that pave the way for the emerging of a new creation both now and in the future.
  • Because God’s people can pray and act to bring that hope to the world.
  • Because we are aware that it is by being converted together that we will succeed in building this fairer and more ecological world necessary for the survival of humanity.

In the UK, the Eco Church network promotes similar ideas in link with various denominations.

Last updated: 16 October 2023