A fraternity of Taizé brothers in Pantin, on the outskirts of Paris

During winter 2020-2021, a group of brothers began a small fraternity in the town of Pantin, very close to Paris.

Bishop Pascal Delannoy invited Taizé to think about this project, with the desire to create a place of prayer and listening in the Quatre-Chemins neighbourhood of the town of Pantin.

The brothers are getting in touch with the local Christian communities. Already this autumn, two brothers visited the President of the Protestant Federation of France, Pastor François Clavairoly, as well as the President of the United Protestant Church of France, Pastor Emmanuelle Seyboldt, in order to associate them in this project from the outset.

The local administrative area ("département") of Seine-Saint-Denis is the most youthful and most poor in France. There are many challenges. As in the other Taizé fraternities around the world, the brothers will first of all share the life of the people living nearby and in the local Churches.

You can take part in their daily prayers. The prayer times are regularly updated on this page of our site in French.

Last updated: 23 February 2021