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Books by Br. Roger

Journals of Brother Roger of Taizé – Volume I: 1941–1968

This first volume of Brother Roger's journals covers the years from his arrival in Taize during World War II to the turbulent 1960s, when young adults began making their way to the hill of Taize in their searching. These collected insights, reflections, and accounts of personal encounters and current events offer what is perhaps the best portrait of the founder of Taize. They bring to light key aspects of the community which continues to attempt to put into practice the vision that inspired him.
2021. 132 Pages.
eBook, ISBN: 9781725297944. Cascade/Wipf & Stock, on-line.

The Rule of Taizé

The original text expressing the fundamentals of the life of the Taizé Community.
2012. 68 p.
ISBN: 9780281068272. SPCK, on-line
eBook, ISBN: 9780281068289. SPCK, on-line

The Rule of Taizé – in French and English

Bilingual edition of the original text expressing the fundamentals of the life of the Taizé Community.
2012. 132 pages.
ISBN: 9780281068296. SPCK, on-line
eBook, ISBN: 9780281068302. SPCK, on-line

Living for Love – Selected Texts. Brother Roger of Taizé 1915-2005

A choice of texts and prayers from Brother Roger's writings, with photographs in colour, expressing the vital intuitions that inspired the founder of the Taizé Community.
2010. 96 p.
eBook, ISBN: 9782850403736. Les Presses de Taizé
ISBN: 9782850403101. Les Presses de Taizé, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

A Path of Hope – Last Writings of Brother Roger of Taizé

Brings together in one volume the two short books that Brother Roger completed shortly before his death, “A Glimmer of Happiness” and “Praying in Silence of Heart – One hundred prayers”, with the “Unfinished Letter” to young people that he was preparing at the time.
2006. 128 pages.
ISBN: 9780826493279. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London

Brother Roger of Taizé – Essential Writings

Marcello Fidanzio (ed.)
An anthology of Brother Roger’s writings with a biographical introduction.
2006. 128 pages.
ISBN: 9781570756399. Orbis Books, Norwich Books and Music, UK, on-line.

Peace of Heart in all Things

A brief meditation for each day of the year, for all who seek to live in peace of heart and in joy, simplicity, and mercy.
2004. 136 pages.
ISBN: 9781579993849. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

God is Love Alone

In this book, Brother Roger brings together the essentials of his thinking. Apart from the main themes which lie at the heart of Taizé – trust, simplicity, joy… – “God is love alone” also includes personal accounts of events or people that have left their mark on the author and the Community.
2003. 104 pages.
ISBN: 9780826470201. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London

The Sources of Taizé

Brother Roger of Taizé’s last revision of the “rule” of Taizé, this is the source book expressing the basis of the common life. Recalling the essentials that make a life together possible, we can constantly find refreshment in returning to the sources of faith.
2000. 94 pages.
ISBN: 9781579990862. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Books about Taizé

The Taizé Community – A parable of communion

Booklet in colour introducing the Taizé Community and the young adult meetings.
2014. 36 p.
ISBN: 9782850403798. Les Presses de Taizé, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

15 Days of Prayer with Brother Roger of Taizé

Sabine Laplane
This book is an invitation to spend some time in the company of Brother Roger, a time to step back from everyday life and to be refreshed. The author, who knew Brother Roger well, dwells on the themes that were most important to him, telling the story of his life and of Taizé along the way.
2010. 136 pages.
ISBN: 9781565483491. New City Press, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

A Universal Heart – The Life and Vision of Brother Roger of Taizé

Kathryn Spink
The biography of Taizé’s founder. New edition 2015.
2005. 224 pages.
ISBN: 9780281073573. SPCK, on-line

A Meaning to Life

Olivier Clément
Professor at the Orthodox Theological Institute of Saint Sergius, Paris, the author links his own personal search for meaning in life to the experience of the thousands of young adults who participate in the meetings in Taizé.
ISBN: 9781579999007. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Books on the sources of Faith

Seeds of Trust – Reflecting on the Bible in silence and song

Sixty short biblical meditations by brothers of Taizé, with the Bible passages, questions for reflection, songs (with music) and prayers by Brother Roger.
2005. 134 pages.
ISBN: 9780819281227. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London

Seek and You Will Find – Questions on the Christian Faith and the Bible

Questions and reflections, previously published in the Letter from Taizé and on the Taizé website, aiming to help anyone wishing to enter more fully into the mystery of God.
2005. 168 pages.
ISBN: 9780819281258. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London

Books for children

Taizé – (“A Sea of Stories” n° 8)

Orsi Hardi
A day at Taizé seen through the eyes of a child.
2014. 16 p.
ISBN: 9788499793023. Editorial Mediterrània, SL, Barcelona, on-line.

Further Books on the Bible or Spirituality

Metanoia – The Shape of the Christian Life

fr. John
How can one live an authentically Christian life? Although many books and articles delineate the content of the Gospel message, the form or shape of an existence based on faith has not been studied as thoroughly. To use a language correctly, it is not enough to know the vocabulary; one must have a good grasp of its grammar. This book attempts to deepen our knowledge of the grammar of the Christian life starting from the notion of metanoia. Generally translated as “repentance” or “conversion,” the word has in fact a much richer significance: it describes a total transformation of our being, never accomplished once and for all, through the action of the Spirit of the risen Christ. Metanoia takes us out of our self-centered outlook and our limited and self-interested actions and brings us into God’s today, where we become witnesses to a real Presence, that of the universal Body of Christ.
ISBN: 9781725297951. Cascade/Wipf & Stock, on-line.
eBook, ISBN: 9781725297975. Cascade/Wipf & Stock, on-line.

The Wrath of a Loving God – Unraveling a Biblical Conundrum

fr. John
The portrait of an angry God, quick to condemn, that many people claim to find in the pages of the Bible is undoubtedly one of the greatest obstacles to faith. The modern tendency to efface all traces of anger from our image of God is therefore comprehensible. But might this procedure not risk mutilating the authentic character of the biblical God? Could the theme of divine wrath, properly understood, rather than being a primitive vestige or an aberration, perhaps offer a key to understanding a love “as fierce as death,” an approach to the mystery of our redemption in Christ? That is the challenge that this book attempts to take up.
2019. 144 p.
ISBN: 9781532670725. Cascade/Wipf & Stock, on-line.
eBook, ISBN: 9781532670749. Cascade/Wipf & Stock, on-line.

Life on the Edge – Holy Saturday and the Recovery of the End Time

fr. John
Is the Christian faith something that can peacefully exist alongside all the other aspects of an ordinary human life, or does it by its very nature turn that life into something else? Even for believers caught up in the day-to-day life of society, work and family, the question is an important one. This book reflects on the theological significance of Holy Saturday as a way of recovering an authentically eschatological understanding of faith, one which sees it as a radical, world-changing reality while avoiding the pitfalls of fanaticism and escapism. Discovering the significance of that forgotten day opens the way to a life that reconciles lucidity and hope, remaining in the world without being of the world. It can help us find the place where the age to come breaks into our today, but not at all as we imagined it.
ISBN: 9781532617935. Cascade/Wipf & Stock, on-line.
eBook, ISBN: 9781498243032. Cascade/Wipf & Stock, on-line.

Brother Roger's Contribution to Theological Thought – Acts of the International Colloquium, Taizé, August 31 – September 5, 2015

Thinkers from different continents, Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic, through their talks given at the colloquium which are collected here, offer a glimpse of the extent of Brother Roger’s theological legacy: an original way of thinking, perceptible in his writing as well as in the life of the Community he founded and the youth meetings that it animates.
2016. 304 pages.
ISBN: 9782850404016. Les Presses de Taizé
eBook, ISBN: 9782850404054. Les Presses de Taizé

The Relevance of a Monastic or Religious Vocation – Acts of the International Colloquium, Taizé, July 5 – 12, 2015

The talks given by leaders of religious congregations, communities and monasteries at the colloquium which brought together at Taizé 350 young women and men, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox, committed in the monastic or religious life, from 52 countries.
2016. 208 pages.
ISBN: 9782850404023. Les Presses de Taizé
eBook, ISBN: 9782850404061. Les Presses de Taizé

Faithful to the Future – Listening to Yves Congar

fr. Émile
“Faithful to the Future” examines the true nature of Christian Tradition and particularly how it implies a fidelity not only to the past but to the future as well – tradition is inseparable from creativity and reform.
eBook, ISBN: 9780567518309. T&T Clark, London
ISBN: 9780567025487. T&T Clark, London

Friends in Christ – Paths to a new understanding of Church

fr. John
A reflection on the theme of friendship as a way of coming to understand better the message of Juesus Christ.
2012. 184 p.
ISBN: 9781626980006. Orbis Books, Norwich Books and Music, UK, on-line.

Books of Prayers

Prayer for Each Day

Each of these prayer services for the different times of the year contains a psalm, a choice of Bible readings, intercessions and a choice of closing prayers. A detailed introduction gives practical suggestions for preparing a time of prayer.
ISBN: 9781579990299. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.


Chants de Taizé : accompagnements pour piano/Songs from Taizé: Piano Accompaniments

These newly composed accompaniments for over 100 songs of Taizé are for churches or prayer groups where the singing is normally accompanied by the piano.
This book contains the voices for assembly for each song, followed by a simple accompaniment, and then one or several slightly more demanding variations.
An audio recording of the contents is available free of charge at the webpage indicated inside.
Ces accompagnements nouvellement composés pour plus de 100 chants de Taizé sont destinés aux paroisses ou aux groupes de prière où le chant est normalement accompagné par le piano. Pour chaque chant, ce livre contient les voix pour l’assemblée, suivies d’un accompagnement simple, puis d’une ou plusieurs variations légèrement plus exigeantes.
Un enregistrement audio de l’ensemble du contenu est disponible gratuitement en ligne.
2021. 240 p.
ISBN: 9782850404429. Les Presses de Taizé, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Chants de Taizé 2020-2021

The song book used in the Church of Reconciliation at Taizé. Contains the congregational parts for 160 songs with versions in more than 40 languages. / Le livret utilisé dans l’Église de la réconciliation à Taizé : un recueil des principaux chants avec partitions à 4 voix, sans accompagnements ni versets, à l’usage d’un groupe ou d’une paroisse.
2020. 112 p.
ISBN: 9782850404351. Les Presses de Taizé, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Chants de Taizé : partitions pour guitare/Songs from Taizé: Guitar Accompaniments

Guitar (or keyboard) accompaniments for 87 songs from Taizé, for beginners and advanced guitarists. Chords, classical notation, and tablature; ideas for accompanying the songs. / Les accompagnements à la guitare (ou clavier) de 87 chants de Taizé, pour des débutants et pour des guitaristes expérimentés. Accords, partitions classiques et tablatures. Introduction explicative.
2008. 192 p.
ISBN: 9782850402449. Les Presses de Taizé, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Christe Lux Mundi – Music from Taizé: vocal edition

39 songs, full music, keyboard accompaniments and guitar chords, and solo verses in English. Full introduction; scriptural and liturgical indexes. (US edition also spiral bound, ISBN 9781579996932.)
2008. 72 pages.
ISBN: 9781472974495. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London

Christe Lux Mundi – Music from Taizé: assembly edition

39 songs, with music in 4 voices, words in the original languages and English.
2007. 48 pages.
ISBN: 9781579996918. GIA Publications, Chicago, on-line

Christe Lux Mundi – Music from Taizé: instrumental edition

Full instrumental parts for 39 songs: keyboard, guitar, flute, recorder, oboe, clarinet, English horn, trumpet, French horn, trombone, bassoon, cello. Spiral bound.
2007. 112 pages.
ISBN: 9781579996949. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Chants de Taizé : parties instrumentales/Songs from Taizé: Instrumental Parts

Full instrumental accompaniments for 71 songs. / Des parties instrumentales pour 71 chants : organ/orgue (keyboard/clavier), guitar/guitare, recorder/flûte à bec (soprano, alto), flute/flûte traversière, oboe/hautbois, clarinet/clarinette, English horn/cor anglais, bassoon/basson, trumpet/trompette, French horn/cor en fa, trombone & cello/violoncelle.
2001. 208 p.
ISBN: 9782850401855. Les Presses de Taizé, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Songs for Prayer: assembly edition

59 songs from Taizé with English translations, including a setting of the Eucharist.
ref.: G-4956P. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Songs for Prayer: instrumental edition

Instrumental accompaniments for 59 songs.
ref.: G-4956A. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Songs for Prayer: vocal edition

59 songs from Taizé in English with solo verses.
1998. 106 p.
ISBN: 1579990428. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Songs and Prayers from Taizé

50 songs with English translations, four part harmony, guitar chords, and suggestions for prayer, both alone or with others.
1992. 80 pages.
ISBN: 0941050343. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.

Songs and Prayers from Taizé: Accompaniment edition – for Cantor & Instruments

50 songs with English translations, full music with English solo verses and instrumental accompaniments.
1991. 102 pages.
ref.: G-3719-A. GIA Publications, Church House Bookshop, on-line.
Last updated: 1 January 2022

Albums, tracks and sheet music for sale online

The music download area contains printable music for Taizé chants (for assembly, choir, soloists, guitar and other instruments) as well as CDs recorded at Taizé in mp3 format.

The CDs recorded at Taizé are also available for legal download from the main digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). They are all listed with the single word “Taizé”, with or without the accent, as the artist name.

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