Meetings for families

At certain times of year, running concurrently with the youth and adult meetings, there are also meetings for parents with their children (under 15 years). These are weeklong, from Sunday to Sunday. Please note that we can only welcome families made up of one or both parents with their own children.

This year, the total number of families each week will be limited to 80. There are quotas by country to ensure that families from all countries are able to come. We ask families to come only once every two years, so that we can cope with the large demand.

We suggest that families wait until their children are three years old before coming – there are no activities proposed for babies aged 0 to 2.

When we receive your registration the meetings team will confirm whether you can come or whether you will need to change your planned dates.


We ask families not to register before 15 January of the year that they wish to come. (Registrations made before this date will not be taken into account).

See the Dates 2024 for the weeks when family meetings are held this year.

Arrive on Sunday, from 3pm, and leave the following Sunday around midday. Families whose children are not yet at school should avoid August, when space is most limited.


The group for families meets daily at Olinda, a house in the village of Ameugny, 600 metres from Taizé. Most activities are held outdoors. Each day begins with a time of Bible reflection for parents and children together led by one of the brothers. This is followed by sharing for each family, parents with their own children, or small groups of families if needed. Each morning’s activities are described in a booklet given at the welcome.

Every afternoon, there is a theatrical performance and activities for groups of families animated by young people. The groups of families consist of parents and children together, and they stay the same from the beginning to the end of the week. The afternoon finishes with a time of sharing among parents, while the animators continue activities with the children right next to their parents.

In order to promote a family experience, the children are looked after by their parents.

The children can go with their parents to the three times of prayer at Taizé. Parents must understand that silence and calm during the common prayer are very important both for the participants in the weekly meetings and for the community. Out of consideration for this, if your are babies or toddlers, we ask parents to take it in turns to stay with them in one of the rooms near to the church during common prayer.
This may be difficult for families where just one parent is present. Please think about this before coming.

All family members need to be ready to take part fully in the week of prayer and sharing.

Children of 15 or older take part in the mainstream youth meetings. They also eat with the young people, but are still accommodated with their parents if they are aged 15 to 17.

What if we can’t stay a whole week, or can’t come when there are family meetings?

If you are not able to come at a time when there are family meetings, or to come for an entire week, then you will join the adults group (for a maximum of 3 nights, preferably from Thursday or Friday to Sunday, or from Sunday to Wednesday; visits that straddle two weeks are not possible). In this case, parents organise among themselves who will look after the children during the times of sharing and of community prayer. There are no organised activities for the children.

Families wanting to come outside of the times of the family meetings cannot stay for more than three nights and must take part in the adults meetings. Short stays like this are possible only between Easter weekend and the end of September and for a limited number of families. If you cannot bring a tent, please check with us if we can offer you accommodation before planning your visit

Practical information

- Olinda is a 10 to 15 minute walk from Taizé: for children under 5 years, it is advisable to bring a pushchair.

- The reception will be every Sunday from 3.30pm at Olinda, in the village of Ameugny, for the families that come by car. If families come by public transport or coach, a shuttle will be available from Taizé to Ameugny.

- Do not bring pets.

- To encourage a good mix of people, we ask that no more than three families should come together.

- Accepting to come only once every two years is a way of showing solidarity with other families who wish to come. Please respect this!

If you have to cancel your participation in the family meetings once it has been confirmed by the meetings team, please tell us immediately. In that way, we can ask one of the families on the waiting list to fill your place.
Last updated: 18 January 2023