Meetings for adults over 35

At Taizé, as well as welcoming young people aged between 15 and 35, we gladly welcome adults over the age of 35. However, due to the large number of young people and the very simple conditions of welcome offered, we ask adults to understand that there are certain limitations and not to make more than one visit per year.

Adults may come individually or as a couple. We cannot welcome groups of adults. They may stay either for one week (from Sunday to Sunday), or for a few days - either at the beginning of a week (arriving on a Sunday) or at the end of a week (leaving on a Sunday). Longer stays are not possible.

We can only welcome adults in Taizé at certain times of the year. Please check the page Dates 2024 to see when adults can come this year.

Those who come must remain in Taizé throughout their stay and join in the daily rhythm, centred on the thrice daily common prayer, with Bible studies and small group sharing. A one night stay doesn’t allow you to enter into this rhythm and we cannot offer accommodation to people who are just passing by.

On receipt of your registration, the Meetings Team will confirm whether you can come as planned or if we need to ask you to change your dates.


We may not be able to accept late applications to visit in busy weeks. Please await our response before making firm travel plans.

In any group coming to Taizé the maximum number of people 36 years old or over is 7, or in the case of larger groups, 20% of the group (one in five). This limit also includes adults coming with their children for the family meetings. A possible extra 2 adults may come if they are acting as contact people for the 15-17 year olds of the group. At times we can slightly extend this limit for groups from other continents: check with us before making any firm plans. In order to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment, it is essential for leaders who are organising a group to Taizé to make it clear that the invitation to come as a “group” is for 15-35 year olds only.

It is not possible to make visits that straddle two weeks.

It is not possible (for health and security reasons) to bring any pets.

Last updated: 1 April 2021