Here are some of the questions we often get asked concerning the meetings in Taizé. The answers we give may be helpful for you in planning your stay. Don’t forget to read well the information pages in this section which give more details. And don’t hesitate to contact the Meetings Team by email with any other questions.

Can we come spontaneously to Taizé or must we register beforehand?

We are always happy to welcome young people aged between 18 and 35, who are ready to take part in the weekly programme, though obviously it helps us if you can register before. If you are coming with a group, you must register before coming. Look at the page for groups.

Adults over 35 and families coming with children under 15 can only come if they register. At some moments of the year, we cannot welcome adults or families. Please read carefully the adults information page and the one for families.

Can we stay for more than a week?

If you are aged between 18 and 35, then write to us before coming if you want to stay longer than a week. We will give you further information about this. You might like to look at the pages concerning a week in silence or volunteering in Taizé.

Young people aged 15-17 are welcome to stay for one week.

Adults over 35 and families with children under 15 are welcome to spend one week in Taizé during the time when there are meetings for them. Please read carefully the adults information page and the one for families. We ask adults and families to arrive on Sunday and leave the following Sunday, or else to come for the weekend, but not to come midweek or prolong their stay into the following week.

We just want to take part in the meetings and prayers, but don’t want to stay or eat in Taizé. Is this possible?

Normally not. Coming to Taizé means participating in all the different aspects of community life. Meals and the shared simple accommodation are very much part of that experience. If you have special accommodation needs, or dietary requirements, then please let us know. We can’t cater for all special needs, but we can try our best!

Do you cater for special dietary needs?

There is a “no meat” line at meal times for young adults. If you have special dietary requirements, then please let us know. We can’t cater for all special needs, but we can try our best!

Can we reserve accommodation in advance?

You will be allocated accommodation when you arrive in Taizé. If you have special accommodation needs, then please let us know and try if possible to avoid busy weeks.

What kind of clothes should we bring?

In spring, autumn or winter, please bring warm clothes! It can also be cold and wet in summer, so bear that in mind when preparing to come.

Dress code in church: Please dress appropriately for the community prayer with clothes that cover your shoulders and thighs.

Are children welcome in Taizé?

However, we do ask you to bear certain things in mind:
- silence during the community prayer is important for all present. Very young children can find it difficult to be still and it may be better not to bring them into the church. We have rooms set aside where parents can stay with their children during prayer. Sound is transmitted from the church to these rooms.
- we ask parents with very young children to wait until they are 3 years old before coming to take part in the family meetings. Until they reach that age, they can’t really take part in the programme. The family meetings are very much oversubscribed, so please take this into account if your children are still young.

Please read carefully all the information for families before planning your visit.

Can we celebrate a Eucharist just for our group?

Please see about this when you arrive with the contact brother for your country.

We were hoping to visit some of the surrounding area whilst in Taizé. Is that OK?

We ask all participants in the meetings to take part fully in the programme of prayers and activities from their arrival until leaving. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to maintain community life. Coming to Taizé is a commitment and others count on you when you come. If you’re not sure what this means, please look at the page Programme.

So please don’t plan any excursions during your stay. If you want to visit somewhere nearby, why not do that before you arrive or after you leave?

I wanted to buy a bottle of wine for my parents on my way to Taizé to give to them when I return. I know that the only alcohol allowed on site is bought and consumed in the Oyak café. What should I do with my gift?

As soon as you arrive, go to La Morada and leave the bottle with the welcome team there. They will give you a ticket with which you will be able to reclaim your gift before you leave.

We normally don’t return any alcohol that is found in the tents or dormitories.

Is there an internet connection in Taizé that we can use? Or cell phone coverage?

Around Oyak, the non-profit store, there is free access to a WiFi network at certain times of day.

Cell phone coverage is good. Please turn your phone off at meeting times and especially during prayer! Do not leave your phone unattended to recharge in your tent, dormitory or in a washroom.

Can we bring our dog?

Unfortunately, for reasons of health and security, we cannot welcome dogs or any other domestic animals, with the exception of guide or special assistance dogs.

Last updated: 1 October 2012
To contact the Meetings Team, write to meetings taize.fr.