Under 30’s

Living conditions are simple. Please try to bring a tent if you’re coming over Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, during summer or at All Saints. Please see the dates page if you are not sure when these fall this year.

Bring a sleeping-bag, towel, camping mat and blankets.

If you cannot bring a tent, you will stay in our tents or in dormitories (men and women separate). You will be given your accommodation when you arrive. In winter, heated dormitory accommodation is available for all.

30 and over

If you would like to take part in the adults’ meetings, read first the information on the page Meetings for adults over 30 carefully.

If possible, please bring camping equipment (tent, caravan or camping car). Otherwise, accommodation will be allocated when you arrive. It is not possible to reserve special accommodation in advance, especially in busy weeks. Those aged over 30 stay in shared accommodation, in Taizé or nearby. Those aged 30 to 70 stay in dormitories with several beds; those over 70, when possible, in 4-bedded rooms; and couples, when possible, in twin-bedded rooms in Taizé or in villages nearby. (Young couples may also be accommodated in tents.)

Don’t forget to bring sheets or a sleeping bag, and a towel.

Families with children

If you would like to come with your children or take part in the family meetings, read first the page Meetings for families.

Accommodation is allocated on arrival in Taizé. All those who can should bring camping equipment. Otherwise, families may be given a room, a small dormitory or a family tent, in Ameugny, at Taizé, or nearby. Families with very young children are given priority for accommodation in rooms. Living conditions are very simple.

N.B. Please bring sheets or sleeping bags, towels, and cots for very young children.

Last updated: 1 October 2012
We have limited accommodation for those requiring special facilities: the elderly, those with a disability or using a wheelchair. For them, it is essential to send in an online registration request well before fixing dates and making travel arrangements. Please avoid Holy Week and Easter Week, Ascension week, Pentecost, (see the dates page if you are not sure when these fall this year) and the period between mid July and the end of August.