Volunteering in Taizé


• What is the meaning of my life?
• I no longer have the time to think.
• What is God calling me to?

If you are thinking about these things, we have a suggestion to make.

The brothers of the community, together with the sisters of the other communities who live in Taizé, would be unable on their own to welcome the large numbers who come throughout the year. The presence of a group of volunteers makes the international meetings possible.

The volunteers in Taizé, young people between the ages of 18 and 29, share the various practical tasks in running the youth meetings. However, staying as a volunteer is first of all a chance to think about one’s next step in life through reflection, regular community prayer and sharing with others. Each volunteer has a regular meeting with one of the sisters (for women) or one of the brothers (for men) to talk over their ideas and questions.

At any one time there are about 40 young men and women staying for a few months or a year. They are not only from Europe, but also from other continents. Their community life is organised in several groups with accommodation which is separate from that of the general youth meetings.

So becoming a volunteer means:
• taking an active part in the life in Taizé, including its daily rhythm of three community prayers;
• making yourself available for the various tasks and services needed for the meetings;
• participating in and enriching the common life of the group in which you live.

Volunteers are welcome initially for a trial period of 4 or 5 weeks, before committing to stay longer. We cannot receive volunteers for less than 4 weeks. At certain times of the year, we do not accept volunteers.

The youth meetings at Taizé last one week. If you wish to stay for longer then write to meetings taize.fr saying a bit about yourself, whether you have already been to Taizé, and what your plans are. If you are already in personal contact with one of the brothers or sisters, it is good to mention that.


If you are thinking about a longer stay (4 weeks or more), here are some practical points:

What will I do if I stay for several weeks at Taizé?

The meetings at Taizé are organised on a weekly basis. We ask those who come for a longer stay to spend their first week together with participants staying just one week, choosing from among the different groups on offer. Usually, you will then spend your second and subsequent weeks helping with practical tasks - in cleaning and food preparation teams, in the church, the non-profit café, or else helping run the meetings in some other way: welcoming groups on arrival, the night team, etc. It is also possible to choose to spend A week in silence at some point during your stay.

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What does a typical day look like?

8:15 am morning prayer and breakfast
10 am practical work
12:20 pm midday prayer, then lunch
3 pm practical work
7 pm supper
8:20 pm evening prayer

Twice a week there is a bible study group with one of the sisters, brothers or other person helping lead the meetings. Each week there is also a gathering of your volunteer group to exchange with one of the brothers or sisters.

Do I need to speak other languages?

You don’t need to speak other languages before you come. English is the main language for the volunteer group. Speaking a little French can be helpful for some jobs. You will pick up communication skills faster than you think possible!

Do I need to contribute financially?

We ask those who come for four weeks or longer to contribute financially for the first week of their stay. After this, you do not need to contribute financially.

Where will I stay?

From the second week onwards you will be given a place in a dormitory together with other volunteers staying for longer. Those staying long-term have accommodation in single or twin-bedded rooms.

And the meals?

The volunteers have several meals each week in a smaller group. Often one of the brothers or sisters will come to be with the group.

Is it possible to come with a friend?

Coming to Taizé for a longer time is a personal choice, it is therefore important to come individually, rather than with a friend or as a couple.
Between Easter and November 2024 there will be a new group for volunteer couples. See A new group of volunteers in Taizé in 2024.

What should I bring?

- a Bible (printed or in your phone);
- a driving licence (if you have one);
- medical insurance valid in France (for example a European Health Insurance Card, for EU citizens);
- a DBS certificate (UK) or similar safeguarding document from your country.

And all the other questions I have?

Just write and ask! meetings taize.fr

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Last updated: 20 January 2024