Bringing a group of young people


The youth meetings in Taizé take place around the community of brothers who live there. Everyone should be ready to enter fully into the rhythm of community life for the whole week – gathering with the brothers for prayer three times a day, joining with people from other countries for meetings, meals, small group discussions and practical tasks (serving meals, washing up, etc.), simple living conditions, respecting the silence around the church and elsewhere on the site, especially at night... You will find the daily programme on the page Programme

It’s important that everyone who comes to Taizé should come through their own free choice and not as part of a compulsory trip.

Groups of young adults comprise those who are in the 17-29 year-old age bracket, as well as 15-16 year-olds on condition that these latter come with sufficient adult leaders. Those under 15 may only take part in the programme for families together with their parents.

Young people under 18 should bring a form giving parental authorisation for them to take part in the meetings. This form names an adult to be legally responsible for them during their stay and to take any decisions regarding any necessary medical treatment. You may make such a form for your own group, alternatively use the one provided by Taizé (download here). Please check whether authorisation is needed for leaving your home country as well.

In accordance with the rules in force in France, we are careful to separate the dormitory accommodation of under 18s from that of young adults over 18. To ensure that young people behave well and rest during the night, adult leaders can stay in the vicinity, in dormitories set aside for young adults or in dormitories for group leaders.

Please see the page Meetings for adults over 30 for information regarding other adults who come together with a youth group, but who are not needed to help as leaders. In particular, please note the limit on the number of these adults.

We cannot provide accommodation for coach drivers, nor may coaches be left parked at Taizé. We can send you details of hotels in the area.

Bible reflections take place each day, led by a brother of the community: remind each person to bring a Bible. The small sharing groups that follow are led by the young people themselves.

↓Accompanying adults and contact people

If you bring 15/17 year olds, there needs to be one contact person (preferably 20-29 years old, but over 30 if this is impossible) for every 7 young people, to help lead the daytime activities. This contact person will lead one of the small sharing groups, made up of around ten young people who have come with other groups. Contact people may contribute for their stay at youth rates if they wish.

For each group (including those without 15/17year olds), there should be some leaders who can stay in the same area as the young people in order to keep a good eye on them (during the night as well). If the group is mixed, then there should also be male and female leaders. For groups with 15/17 year olds, the contact people and leaders who will supervise the group can be the same people.

(If a group leader needs really to stay apart from their group, please register that leader in the "adults" section of the form, but indicate that they will be a contact person for the groups. If other adults over 30 will stay in the youth area to supervise the young people, but will not act as contact people, register them in the "adults" section and indicate "will stay with the young people".)

↓Choosing dates

Please check the page Dates 2024.

The meetings run a full week, from Sunday afternoon to the following Sunday, after the morning Eucharist. If you can’t come for a full week, try coming for a weekend. Arrive in this case on Thursday or Friday and stay through to Sunday.

We advise you not to plan a stay of under 3 full days. To enter fully into the rhythm of community life and the international meetings, a full week is best.

Please contact us before fixing your plans to bring a group for a week-long or weekend meeting – especially in the case of a school group. If there are changes in the number of people coming, in the dates of your stay, or if you have to cancel, please let us know quickly by adjusting your online registration.

Group leaders with participants who need a visa, please contact the meetings team well in advance.

↓Further points to consider

We count on group leaders in the preparation of their group members, but also in accompanying them during the stay in Taizé. Please take into account the following points:

- A condition of staying in Taizé is that you do not arrange any “outing” (even of a few hours) away from the community. Such outings inevitably disrupt the meetings, thus disappointing others who have come with high hopes and who are prepared to make a full commitment to the week.

- During your stay, arrange a time to meet up with your group. Choose a time in the day which will not interfere with their participation in the general programme.

- For times when the weather is warm, please ask everyone to bring appropriate clothing, adapted to the spirit of the meetings that is of a “pilgrimage”: shorts of a good length (i.e. which cover their thighs), and not mini-shorts or hot-pants. And for the prayers together in the church, please ask them to bring something to cover their shoulders: for example a T-shirt or shawl to put on over a sleeveless top.

- In spring, autumn or winter, please bring warm clothes! It can also be cold and wet in summer, so bear that in mind when preparing to come.

- For safety reasons, please do not bring camping gas cookers or lights, and do not use candles. If anyone does have these, hand them in at La Morada and collect them again before departure. Explain this clearly to everyone before coming.

- The only place in Taizé where alcoholic drinks may be bought or consumed is Oyak. If your group members do bring any alcohol with them, please ask them to hand it in at La Morada and collect them again before departure. Explain this clearly to everyone before coming. Remember also that all use of drugs is illegal in France.

Last updated: 1 April 2021

As soon as you can, pre-register your group using the registration form. You can do this even if you don’t yet know how many young people will be coming with you.

If you are from the UK and want to bring a school group see the page School and College Weeks.