UK School & College Weeks

Material for group leaders

Here you can download documents useful for planning trips to Taizé — especially school trips.

Material from group leaders

Word - 210.5 kb
Flyer (template)
This leaflet can be adapted to the needs of your school or group.

PDF - 254.1 kb
Initial information letter to parents/guardians (contributed by Chatsmore Catholic High School)

Word - 19 kb
A sample form to give to parents/guardians to sign

Word - 35.5 kb
Practical guidance on taking a young school group (Year 10) from the head teacher of a London Church school

Word - 13 kb
A “behaviour agreement” with students. Contributed by a West Sussex school.

Word - 15 kb
A check list of things for young people to bring. York Diocese (edited)

Zip - 127.3 kb
Risk assessments used by a York School in 2017

Word - 36 kb
A risk assessment form for a school or church group (contributed by Manchester Diocese)

Word - 23.5 kb
A sample risk assessment form for a school group coming to Taizé from the UK

Material from Taizé

Word - 22.5 kb
Information from Taizé to help make a risk assessment

Zip - 78.4 kb
Parental authorisation form (use this one provided by Taizé or make your own if you prefer)

PDF - 90.3 kb
Ideas for helping young people enter into the week once you arrive at Taizé

Last updated: 30 October 2017