Quyên góp cho quỹ liên đới và hỗ trợ tài chính cho các cuộc gặp mặt tại Taizé


Thanks to a solidarity fund, Operation Hope, the community provides support to people in difficulty on different continents, including poor or sick children. For examples of projects supported by Operation Hope, you can consult the different articles in this section. In addition this solidarity fund also helps young people from the southern continents to participate in the Taizé international meetings. As their means are limited, the aim is to cover the costs of their stay in Taizé or in the various places where the meetings are held, and their travel expenses. Those who wish to do so can take part in this form of support. To send a donation to Operation Hope, you can find details here.

The Meetings Centre in Taizé is independent of the brothers’ community and also of Operation Hope. In French law, it is classed under the law of 1901 as an Association, which manages the meetings. This association ("L’Association de l’Accueil à Taizé") collects the financial contributions of the participants in the meetings which cover various expenses. These expenses include the purchase of food for the participants, the costs of electricity, gas and water, the maintenance of areas and buildings, taxes, as well as the salaries of a few local people who are employed for the meetings. In 2020, the contributions of the participants in the meetings were not enough to cover all the costs, because there are sizeable standing costs which have to be met by the Association de l’Accueil even when there are very few participants in the meetings. Those who wish to help to cover the costs of the meetings in Taizé are welcome to do so. Details of how to do this can be found here.

The brothers of the Taizé Community live solely from their own work. They do not accept any donations. Nor do they accept for themselves their personal legacies. Any personal legacies are donated by the community to the very poor. In the past, the community has sometimes supported the Meetings in Taizé financially, but it is difficult to do so in the present context.

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